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FRIDAY MAKEOVERS- The Baby Bassinet…and the Vintage Table Cloth

My youngest just turned 11
and so we have not used our bassinet in a while.
But we still have it.
I will never part with it.
Too many yummy memories.
Too many memories of waiting for so long to fill it and staring 
while my belly grew
Three times.
God, I loved my babies.
Still do.

But when a rather sad and dusty bassinet turned
 up At he Country Store.
…I quickly nabbed it for $5.
and I  transformed it into this sweet Baby Haven
Which I then sold on Ebay.

 I have a Great Vintage Table Cloth collection
we use them all, 
but some of them are in rough shape.
Perfect for reinventing and reusing
and recycling!

The blanket is an Amy Butler Print I used, and reverses to a soft chenille.
I bought a nice new mattress and covered it with a “Pillowcase” I
made from the same fabrics…

 I had a scrap of another contrasting Aqua Amy Butler fabric which I trimmed the 
cover with…

 I am a sucker for ball fringe and chenille….

This sold in a very short time on Ebay. 
The buyer was expecting a baby girl…
Sweet dreams Baby Girl.

Baby Phoebe..smiles in her sleep…

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