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The Gift of God Parenting…

My Goddaugther is 9 years old today. 
Happy Birthday Molly. 

Others peoples children seem to grow up EVEN faster than your own, 
and that is almost a scientific impossibility, because my own children 
are growing up at lightening speed.

      The other day, I was somewhere, oh yes, on the soccer field, and a little girl, barefoot,  did a cartwheel right by me. It had been raining and her feet were plastered with wet grass, and I cannot tell you why, but that sight made me choke up. I could not remember Phoebe’s wet grassy feet or the last time she did a cart wheel in the rain, and I had to take a deep breath and sigh at how breath takingly fast my children are growing up. 

    A few years ago, when my blog was something I just just dabbled in, I dedicated a post to Molly’s 7th birthday. I would like to share that post with you now, as I can think of no better way to say, what I said then, now. 


August 30, 2009

My Goddaughter is 7 today. Where did the time go? She started first grade, got her ears pierced and did not even bother to tell me! How dare she have a life of her own! I will have none of that. We will see if I “forget” to buy her any new earrings for those new pierced ears! how about that! Hmmm?

I have 4 children that can call me their Godmother. In the world of God parenting I pretty much suck.Every once in a blue moon, and with no consistency what so ever, I might remember a special day and just drop something in the mail.  I have been known to remember a birthday but I am not much of a spiritual guide unless ice cream for breakfast brings inner enlightenment. As far as really being actively involved in their lives, I am ashamed to say that they get the short end of my very short stick. And geographically, it gets tricky. Half of them live in different states. All but one are nearly the exact ages of my own children and thus get lost in the shuffle of all our own Birthdays and graduations and sporting events. And one of them I am fairly certain thinks her other Aunt is her Godmother and I think actually she may also be and because the other Aunt is the Goddaughter’s, mothers sister, basically has she has first dibs. Did you follow that? I do count myself one fortunate and blessed person to have been given the privilege to be in all of their lives. When the teens come, I will take each of them in as my own, temporarily or even permanently, should that phone call come. 
Well, just so long as I can make a trade.
     Then there is the Divine Miss M. My youngest Goddaughter. She is the baby sister I always wanted for my own daughter. The snappy,  little firecracker who is the polar opposite of my own daughter, isn’t that what sisters do? Phoebe is the good little doo bee. Not that the Divine Miss M is not a good girl, but being the baby in her own real family, she is quite sure that the World revolves around her, and in many ways, it does. She is fiercely competitive and she is bossy and she is a smarty pants and she is spoiled and I absolutely, unequivocally adore her. Not being my own child and thus subjected to me at her heels, she is not my nemesis. I think she will and maybe already does give her actual Mom, the country mouse, a city mouse run for her money. And I love that I do not nor will ever have to be the bad guy. I get to sweep in, take her shopping, get her hoop earrings and light up shoes and Build a Bears and none of it has to be needed or kept track of. She can feed them to the dog if she gets the whim. She is the child of mine that I cannot ruin, steer wrong or push into therapy. She has not yet begun to hold much of a conversation, however, she asks more questions than a White House reporter. I don’t really think she is as curious as she is nosy and this is yet another reason why I love her with all my heart. She hungers for gossip and is into  every bodies business like no bodies business. She has eyelashes that hit her in the forehead which sit upon two beautiful big brown eyes, the better to stare with while she catches flies with her wide open mouth. And I hope and pray that somehow, in all the stuff that will happen between first grade and taking flight that she never ever loses her appetite for a good piece of drama. Everyone, every parent, every person should have the experience, the absolute freedom from guilt and responsibility, JOY of being a Godparent. And every Godparent should be so lucky to have their very own Divine Miss M.

I will try to be better with the other three. I really will. They certainly deserve to feel spoiled and enlightened or at the very least…treated to ice cream for breakfast… and lunch and dinner.


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