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 TIP #5 – An solid old piece of furniture, even one you need to refinish…
is often a better investment than a cheap shiny New piece.   
case in point…..
In my entire adult life, I have bought NEW – less than 10 pieces of furniture.
They are 2 sofas, 
a Ballard Designs coffee table I just got, 
a pie cabinet (which came unfinished and I painted and distressed…to look old!ha!),  
my 4 galvanized metal dining chairs (I count them as 1),
a couple Pottery Barn Bookcases for the kids rooms, bought on ebay of course, 
and two dressers for the boys room.
oh yes, the crib. We bought the Crib new. 
The changing table was given to us, as was everything else….
our 15 year old sofa… with its original upholstery

15 year old sofa with the belgian linen slip cover
sofa #2 – purchased on “funkysofa.com”with shipping, for under $500 and
currently being slip covered
the pie cabinet, which is our game cabinet

Crate and Barrel Lyle chairs, floor models, I got for $79 each!

my coffee table, which of course, just went on sale!!!

Here is my point, Antiques and used furniture ROCK!
 I am not talking about expensive, fancy antiques,
we all know they are wonderful, but they cost wonderful too. 
But things like, consoles, case pieces like armories… 
dressers…oh my GOSH dressers. Can one ever have too many dressers??
They are SO wonderful used. They are usually
made better, usually tongue and groove construction, 
they refinish beautifully, have great lines to be painted
and are sturdier that most affordable new stuff. 
well made, sturdy, beautiful new stuff is expensive.
One of the NEW dressers we bought for my sons room
(from a big box store which shall remain nameless) , I got a great deal on ($399) ,
BUT I paid for it later.  sidebar, I caution against buying furniture  that is small in scale
when your kids are small, as not only they, 
but their clothing grows, and stuffing 
a teen size pair of jeans into a nursery size dresser does not work. 
So where do you go? You are all savvy shoppers, 
so if this post serves to only validate your
purchases, I hope you keep up the good work.
Many of you know these options, 
thrift stores, Goodwill, Craig’s List (AWESOME) 
and Ebay (FANTASTIC), I have used them all,
but I have to say
the BEST deals continue to be yard sales! 
and friends!
downsizing, or changing out things.
I have bartered for rooms of furniture.
 I sewed window treatments for a friend 
and got my sons Pottery Barn double bed!
and though it is hit or miss….
yard sales are the bomb!
 I despise doing them, hate being haggled, but they do rock when it comes to deals!!!
so go for it! get an old piece and make it NEW again.

I love your comments! 
tell me what you have recycled lately!!!
and please make sure to “follow” my blog!

2 thoughts on “Tip #5 – REUSE RECYCLE REUSE RECYCLE!!!

  1. Love this……..and so true!!
    Where did you get the coffee table that just went on sale? I need one 🙂


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