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 I m doing a GIVEAWAY – in memory of Muffin.

Thank you so much – truly – from the bottom of my heart – for all the messages of condolences. They have meant so much to me. And have been a huge source of comfort.

In Memory of Muffin, I am offering a GIVEAWAY – a 10 x 10 Custom Pet Portrait .

To enter, follow this Instagram and leave a comment.

You can also leave a comment here in the comments section if you choose.

Tell me about your loved one. What is their name ? What are they like?

I will announce who I will do a Pet Portrait of this Thursday .

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love muffin


13 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY – LOVE MUFFIN

  1. Well, I didn’t lose a puppy to death but I did have to give her up and it was by far one of the hardest days ever. Traveler is training to become a service dog. I raised her for 11 months and on May 1, I turned her back into Paws With A Cause. I hope we will see each other again, my heart misses her but I know she has bigger and better things to do.
    I can’t imagine how sad you feel Leslie! I keep thinking of you…time will help.
    I don’t need to be chosen…just wanted to comment.

    1. Traveler is so fortunate to have spent his puppyhood with you!
      ps – my horse fabric is avail on “Spoonflower” and if you have another color in mind I can make one for you…I think the name is “horseplay”

  2. Can it be a cat? I lost my 16 year old boy last year. He was by my side thru 9/11, heartbreak, my mother’s death. He was brave and a boon companion.
    He was top cat until a possum tore his hip out of socket. He came out of that with screws in his hock and the top of his femur gone. First kitty to ever get water physical therapy at the LSU Vet school.
    He was a king and ruler around here. And we miss his Maine Coon regal self.
    Mr. Kitty is sort missed.

  3. Mine is a cat, too. Molly-Bear. She was a feisty black cat with lots of attitude who fought valiantly against chronic renal failure for several years, until succumbing at almost age 18. She outlived her sister, Katie, even though diagnosed long before Katie’s health began to fail. From the moment we brought those 2 home as kittens, Molly was My Girl. Although she didn’t like being held or carried (until she was old and ailing), she always loved sitting on my shoulder and curled up on my side when I was asleep. When our existing vet failed to come up with any ideas for helping Molly, we switched to a holistic vet, who used traditional and homeopathic treatments to get her eating again. She also used acupuncture. Molly got to be that vet office’s mascot, and everyone came to see her when she came in for her weekly treatments. She growled and hissed at them all, and everyone laughed about it and lauded her for her spunk. In spite of the noises she made, she tolerated her acupuncture–even a needle in her nose!–and headed for the food bowl as soon as we got home. She lived nearly two more years after we started giving her daily subcutaneous fluids. And on the day she died she was still eating. She had been a hefty cat in her price–12 pounds–but shrunk down to kitten size again before she died. Always my cuddle-buddy and even gave me a long last look at the vet’s before she passed, as if to say, “This is it, mom. Will you be okay?” That was nearly 5 years ago. Still miss her so much. She was legendary. So blessed to have had her with me for so long.

    1. I love cats and will most certainly consider your cat for a painting. I am sorry for your loss.Your story made me cry…Muffin looked at me that way too…

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss, Leslie. We let Smudge go on April 28, 2017 – our usually friendly, cheerful and always ready for a treat bichon shih tzu was in so much pain for the past few months, he lost all enjoyment from life. Smudge was with us for 15 years, coming to us when he was 7 months old when his first momma couldn’t keep him. We were so blessed! Smudge was also known as Ser Smudge his Lordship for his slightly standoffish and snooty attitude at times, Inspector Smudge for always being on patrol and sniffing out the kitchen, and definitely my Lovebug for his loveable, huggable self. My husband is retired due to a spinal cord injury, and Smudge was his buddy during the day, but by 4:00 p.m., he’d be watching the window for my return. Our life is so much better for having him – we hope he has a beautiful grassy field with lots of bunnies to chase and has a never ending supply of treats 🙂

    1. Hi terri, Smudge sounds like an amazing dog and such a character. Maybe he and Muffin have found each other. The last thing I said to Muffin was “Say “hi” to my Mom and Dad. i know they are in a good place but it sure s so hard.

  5. My daughter with autism received her first service dog when she was six. Pogo was a gorgeous golden retriever bred and raised by The Hairy Angel Foundation to help kids with autism. He was truly smarter and a better person than most human beings I know! He was watchful, protective, playful and a constant source of joy for our whole family. After he died, the marvelous woman who ran the foundation promised Sarah another dog. Unfortunately she passed away before she could fulfill her promise. Her friend Gary from Gentle Hearts stepped in finding another golden in need of a home whose owner was willing to train him. We now have Leo, a playful friendly boy who goes everywhere with Sarah. Those who raise and give up a dog to serve another person are truly angels!

    1. Wow, what an incredible story. I have always thought that services dogs are some of the happiest on Earth because they are doing what they love best – helping. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Mine’s a cat. We were living in Israel, and my younger son had “wanted a pet of my own” for a long time. He basically wanted a cat to cuddle. One day, as I came out of my pilates class my friend and I heard a kitten’s cry. We found the kitten in the bushes and offered her a bit of granola bar (the only thing we had). It fell off the tip of my finger and she bit the end of my finger – hard! She was so hungry. I took her some food for a couple of days, and then my husband and I decided to bring her home. Well, this kitten was something else! She was NOT cuddly, but she did want to be with her family. We named her Rachel (a good Jewish name), but she was really quite mean, so we added the middle name of Judith (as in Judith slaying Holofernes). And, Rachel Judith it was!

    Not long after we moved back stateside, and soon after had Rachel Judith blessed at our church’s annual St. Francis service. She always wanted terribly to be outside. We tried hard to make her an indoor cat, but she wanted OUT. So, we allowed her out and was that amazing. Rachel Judith climbed trees, walked on the roofs of the neighbor’s houses, patrolled everything on the fences, hid under shrubs to rush out and scare people and dogs walking by. Everyone knew Rachel Judith, and dogs were scared to walk by our property! We live at the beach and she would follow us to the beach and run around in the dunes. If we went for a beach walk, she would wait for us and yell out once we returned and trot back to the house with us. People would say “you have a cat following you” and we would assure them it was our cat, Rachel Judith. She also went visiting with us to friend’s houses – would walk right in, inspect the entire house, and then settle down to wait until we departed.

    Sadly Rachel Judith was hit by a car on Yom Kippur – the holiest day in Judaism. She did not suffer, and my husband was right there to scoop her up and she died in his arms. She was following him and the dog to the beach that morning, and he didn’t realize it. While Rachel Judith was not a cuddly kitten, as our son had hoped, she was an amazing cat that we had for far too little time. We joke that her St. Francis blessing didn’t take. She won our hearts quickly, and still hangs on. She was our fierce, feral Israeli Calico. I took some of her ashes back to Israel a few months ago, and returned them to the place from which I rescued her. Her memory is for blessing, and I know Muffin’s death will be for blessing for you.

  7. I am so sorry for your loss. I had a teacup parti poodle that I just adored. He was a mommy’s boy. He weighed around 3 lbs and a neighbors dog got a hold of him one day and snapped his neck. I was just devastated. I miss him so much. About a year later I was able to get another baby boy. It was hard at first because there would never be another dog to take the place of my Quille. Well, now I have Jasper! He is a mommy’s boy and I love him so much. He has been so much company to me! He is the best! He is by my side now as I am telling you about him! #lovehimsomuch

  8. Just want to say that I am so very sorry for your loss, Lesli. Our dear pets give us so much love, and they are such a constant part of our days that losing them leaves a very large void. When our Stewart died, I found myself looking and listening for him throughout the day, since I had interacted with him so often in our daily life together. I know your other pets don’t make up for the loss of Muffin, but I’m hoping that their unconditional love is helping.

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