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dadWhen I was born, I came home from the hospital on my Dad’s birthday. He always told me I was his best Birthday Gift.


This is my First Father’s day…without a Father.

I Loved my dad. And I miss him. Every day. Everyday I think of something I wish I had said, or see something funny…something that the kids do…anything and everything…that I want to tell him about… hear him chuckle about. Or let out a Belly laugh about , the kind where his whole face turned red and tears rolled down his cheeks.

coopspops-8I miss him so very much. That is just the way it is.

But I know that My Dad, Trevor G Smith would absolutely positively NOT want me to be mired in sadness on Father’s Day. My Dad would want me to be happy with my own family and celebrate my husband who is also a Wonderful Father.



We have a big surprise for Daddy here…but I won’t write it down because he might read this before we give it to him.

L1040849Happy Father’s Day Daddy! WE LOVE YOU!!! You are a wonderful father!

¬†and Happy Father’s day to my Brother, Super Dad of the CREW set…


…and to my brother in law, who is the King of all things¬†Ellie,


and to my WONDERFUL Father in Law…POPPI who endured endless hours of bucking bronco and face pinching with nary a complaint…always ready for more…

we Love you



I hope that everyone enjoys this day…and that all the Dad’s feel appreciated

and loved for all they do.

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  1. I miss him, too. Wish I had asked more questions on that last perfect visit. I kind of resented the throngs buying cards yesterday (bad me)! Know how proud he was (is) of you and all you have done throughout. And how he so loves the ones you love.

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