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paintedfloorHOW I DID IT:

1. Cleaned the floor thoroughly.

BEFOREthis floor was nasty...dirty and old...but intact and I liked the underlying pattern...
BEFORE …this floor was nasty…dirty and old…but intact and I liked the underlying pattern…

2. Used TSP to clean it some more.

3. Designed my pattern….

I used to graph paper to make my design.
I used to graph paper to make my design.

4. PRIMED the floor with SKILZ primer which I had tinted to one of the gray colors.

5. Touched up the trim with Benjamin Moore – Mountain Peak White and “CUT in” the floor around the edges…

I cut in the shoe mould around the base of the room with a coat of fresh paint.
I cut in the shoe mould around the base of the room with a coat of fresh paint.

6. I originally designed a Herringbone Pattern but changed my pattern when 4 colors looks too busy…the result is a kind of “Chevron meets Stripes” pattern

I started with 4 colors...it was too too busy so I took it down to TWO colors
I started with 4 colors…it was too too busy so I took it down to TWO colors

7. Taped off the lines to get them nice and straight…


8. Removed the taped…touched up the bleed throughs…and then touched up THOSE bleed throughs..rinse and repeat!!!



This was not a difficult project..TEDIOUS YES,


The hardest part was keeping people out of the kitchen for a few days while I let it dry…

FINALLY, I devised this “ISLE OF PLACEMATS” system…


which allowed folks to come in the kitchen… ONLY if they stepped on the placemats!!!



1.Coventry Gray and 2. Tucker Gray

2. SKILZ Primer $25

3. Cleaning supplies etc $20

Total: $60

TIGER spent MORE time in the kitchen during the painting process than he ever has in his life!!! I think he was looking for his food, which usually sits in the window sill…away from the dogs…


IMG_0537 IMG_0539THE pattern extends into the laundry room…





IMG_0529and Tiger would like to know where his food went???


  1. That is awesome. No really. You painted your vinyl floor? And it looks fabulous… Oh man. I am so impressed… giving you a high five!

  2. GREAT solution! I always love a low-budget WOW-project. When we renovated our side entry porch, I desperately wanted a brick floor. However, the existing concrete floor had been painted many times over the years and we learned that concrete will not adhere to painted surfaces.

    My artistic husband came up with the idea to faux-paint a brick floor. We masked-off the brick pattern {which took an enormous amount of time} then rolled brick-red paint over the entire surface. Our intention was to leave the base color of the floor unchanged {an off-white color with yellow undertones} as the grout lines between the bricks. Because it was November {and quite chilly out}, the masking tape did not want to release after the paint dried. We had to use hand-held hairdryers to heat small sections of the tape at a time so we could remove it. As we were peeling the tape off, it was taking some of the layers of paint along with it, revealing the battleship gray paint color beneath. #@%&$*!

    I should mention here that I nearly cried when we took the tape up – not because it took half the base paint of the grout lines with it, but because the flat brick-red paint color read more like tiles and brick. Bob {my hubby}, being the artist that he is, purchased a few small cans of various color paints {brown, coral, etc.} and stippled random bricks to add visual depth and dimension. When he finished, it truly did look like real brick!

    The issue of the grout lines still remained so Bob cut a paint roller to 3/4″ and rolled EVERY SINGLE grout line between the bricks with a beige|tan color. It took many HOURS, but the results were well worth it. A lot of people who visit don’t believe it’s faux until they bend down and touch it! After about 8 years of heavy foot traffic, the paint has held up perfectly and still looks as good as the day we finished it.

    All hail my brilliant husband!!! HAIL! HAIL!

    View pix of our porch here:



  3. They look fantastic. You’ll have everyone wishing they had grungy old vinyl floors too, just so they have an excuse to paint them like this.

  4. Ok, ok, I have to admit I was totally skeptical when you first posted about this…but I’m convinced- it looks great!! Nice job!

  5. Love this and would like to do something similar in my bathroom. Did you use any polyurethane to top coat the paint?

  6. It’s gorgeous!!!! Congratulations, ok, this has inspired me to paint my bathroom hex tile I had mentioned. Im gonna start tomorrow when my husband goes out of town!

  7. Great job! A couple of years ago I painted my front hall tiles with the same technique and materials, but the tiles were old and quite porous. The paint has worn remarkably well. I’d love to tackle my kitchen’s vinyl sheet flooring, but I’m worried about durability. Keep us posted!

  8. Hey There,
    Awesome job on the floor. I’m thinking of doing a paint over on my vinyl. How is it holding up? Did you seal it, or think about sealing it? Thanks!

  9. How did you get your cat to stay out of your kitchen while you were painting, and while the paint was drying!? Cause I have two kitties and an open kitchen… And I really want to pain my floors.

  10. Oh my WORD!!!! I am in the middle of searching for “how to paint vinyl floor” options and a blogger friend sent me to your blog – and I’m SO thankful she did!!!!! I am so inspired! Thank you for the great tutorial Lesli!! (Now I just have to figure out how to do this with my four boys running around… 😉 SO INSPIRING!!

  11. Love it and it looks fantastic!!
    plus really liked the way your kitty christened the floor by walking across it so proud!!

  12. I love the floor! Now it’s a few years later. How is it holding up? I’m thinking of doing the same thing, but maybe there should be a clear layer of something? My vinyl is shiny. Wondering if I need to sand it as well.


    1. Holds up great! I have done fresh coats twice . Takes a day , not even. When I first did it I scrubbed them and scrubbed them and then adding the primer is key to adhesion . You should be fine with shiny floors. The primer will cover it .

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