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I am so excited to revive the Dog-A-Day project!

2017 DOG-A-DAY

Last year, dog owners submitted photos, I selected dogs to be painted and the owners had the opportunity to purchase their portraits. This year I made it possible for Dog owners to PRE-purchase A spot and at the time of this writing  – I only have 3 spots left . I have many submissions, and will just choose 3 to paint unless those spots are purchased.

In the meantime –

Lets meet the DOG-A-DAY #1



“Her “official” name is Brazos Valley Peaches and she hunted with Brazos Valley Hounds for 6 years. She showed and won and quite a few fox hound shows in the US as well as had a litter of puppies all before she retired with us in 2010. She was the ultimate baby lover. She mothered many litters of kittens, tried to mother some baby chicks and also loved kids. She took to retirement VERY well and kept the couch warm on many cold winter nights and cooled herself on the tile during the hot summer. We loved her dearly until the day she crossed the rainbow bridge in December.”

Wasn’t  PEACHES the sweetest girl. I knew the second I got her photo and heard her story that she would be the first painting. She stole my heart and I already have a soft spot for hounds – i was a goner.

I will be posting PEACHES portrait on my @leslidevitopaintings instagram tomorrow (February 1) at NOON (est)
Thank you for submitting your photos and following along – i LOVE meeting your dogs !
The Portraits will be posted each day at noon on my Instagram and once a week (Fridays) I will do a round up of all the dogs for the week on this blog.