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Okay, let’s just get this out-of-the-way . I failed! I failed in my attempt to stay on a blogging schedule of M/W/F – miserably. This is not to say that I won’t still try to stay on said schedule – but one thing is for certain – painting a dog a day and blogging about anything but THAT are not in my wheel house . At least not right now. But I missed blogging so I decided to instead of just taking what could amount to a month long hiatus – to at least catch you up on the dogs !

So this is what I do. Each morning I wake up and I am excited to see who I get to paint. I post the dogs one day AFTER they are painted thereby removing the anxiety of “what if I hit a rough patch” and can’t post that day and the last thing I want is the process to be stressed! That would be just plain dumb!!!After all – I am in charge right!

Usually the night before I print up the dog or dogs – some days I work on two at a time. Especially hard ones that have loads of layering , they need me to walk away – get perspective and then come back. Every once in a while I get a dog that I just can’t seem to capture and I have been known to throw canvases away that get over-worked – my husband says it can be a little disconcerting to open the trash and see a dogs face with each scissor cuts (I have to cut the canvas to force myself to stop trying to fix things that  cannot be fixed ) Yeah. I am a weirdo! Eventually something clicks and I complete the painting and those are my faves – they challenge me. 

Things come in packs and this year I will have a week of Labs! 5 black and one yellow lab! That is a record for me! Each so uniquely different!

Christmas paintings

I paint the dogs layers of color and when it feels done I hang it on the wall  on this little hanging system I have – mainly because things can get messy – like last week when I spilled a jar of pink paint covering my new Iphone watch!!! But I kept hearing my daughters voice from Christmas morning telling me “And it’s waterproof Mom!!!” And guess what –  it ALL Washed off miraculously!

I varnish the dogs in batches when I get 5-6 PAINTINGS done because that process is one which requires it’s own set up so better to knock off a few! And then I wait a day or so for them to completely dry and ship then off to their Forever homes.

Normally my days at way more varied but when I am painting a dog a day – that is pretty much IT EXCEPT I try to get to the gym to clear my head. If you need me this month – you know where to find me!!!

So how about I show you the first week of DOGS !!













and DAY 7!


There you have week one! Tomorrow begins week two and I have a great line up!  follow  along by going to my Instagram @leslidevitopaintings – I include a little story , shared by each owner as well as some photos of each dog I have painted

thank you for cheering me on- I have one spot left if you would like to be a part of the 2018 DIG A DAY PROJECT!!


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