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Hardware is Hard!

    So listen, never mistake my obsession with things like drawer pulls and paint colors, with my having no perspective on life. I know that there are bigger fish to fry, more pertinent battles to pick. I consider this more of a pastime, or a hobby, a fun way to make a rather menial, perhaps meaningless task – meaningful! For me it is often all about the hunt.
    Disclaimers out of the way, here is my BIG hardware dilemma. As usual, I have a budget. I can’t imagine how much easier so many of these decisions would be if cost were not an issue, but I do know that all things are relative. And I am committed to the belief that for mE anyway, much of my creativity is borne of the necessity to make a little go a long way.
     One thing I know I want are cup pulls. And simple cup pulls, no patterns or stamps, just simple classic pulls. I have them now on all of my kitchen doors and the are right at home in my Old Country House. They look great, work great and feel good on my hand.
     I am terrible with too many choices, and so after some preliminary searching I settled into three websites – HOme Depot, House of Antique Hardware and Restoration Hardware. .

Martha Stewart at Home Depot

     The Martha Stewart Line at Home Depot, has some nice choices especially in the polished Nickel collection.

Martha Stewart at Home Depot
COLONIAL PULL – House of Antique Hardware
classic cast brass pull – House of Antique Hardware

     I ordered some samples from House of Antiques Hardware. The pull above I got in polished Nickel and oil rubbed bronze. The Colonial pull is on back order. I was not impressed with the classic pull, too small. So my search is getting more narrow – Restoration Hardware is awesome. Lots of great choices:

Duluth Pull -Restoration Hardware
neat shape, crisp
Dakota Pull- Restoration Hardware love the rustic feel of this one
Gilmore Pull-Restoration
Marston Pull – Restoration
classic, sturdy, and purdy!
Ornate Pull – Restoration
I said nothing fancy, but these are awesome!
Utility Latch- Restoration Hardware – For the Cabinets
So, this is where I am when I head to bed tonight. I now need to decide- Polished Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze. There are pros and cons to each. And if anyone has any strong opinions or experiences either way I would LOVE the input. My plan is put pulls on the drawers, and latches on the doors and possibly some handles or very basic knobs on a few of the doors that open in a weird way to latch.
I am leaning toward…..I will let you know tomorrow.