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Last Month..has it been a MONTH already!!!
I was in LA, and I visited a store called
You know,  I was the one running from fabric to fabric crying out “Oh My God! Oh My God! WHAT is happening???”. 

Interior Designer, Peter Durham, has GATHERED together collections from like tasted individuals AND DESIGNERS: JOHN ROBSHAW, CAROLINA IRVING, LISA FINE, ELIZABETH HAMILTON, RP MILLER mixing colors and textiles in an easy, world traveled and yet very down home kind of way. All I know is, I felt very


I had to stop myself from using these swatches as a rag to wipe my drool…you know I love PINK and these GORGEOUS pinks make my knees weak.


johnr2I wanted this SO bad! It is a “Star Map” by Artist Konstantin Kakanias, especially made for Hollywood at Home and available in two sizes, with and without frame.
Do yourself a favor, click HERE and check out his work, you will leave with a smile on your face!

so while I was meanering and drooling and ooohing and aahing and making sure NO ONE mistook me for a local…I could not help but notice the color of the room. It was gorgeous, ethereal, perfectly perfect in every way…complementing all of the color…and NOT demanding attention but like good lighting in a dressing room…making you look your best (and 10 pounds lighter) .

I asked the lovely, and very patient and very hip and definitely from LA girl that worked there…”What color is this?” (in my mind, I guessed “Gossamer Blue”and she said …”Palladian Blue”. and I thought ” Of course it is!!!!”

See, Palladian Blue and I have gone a few rounds. Like one of those relationships that you keep trying, only to find out, in the end, something is missing. JUST I will take time off, go back…same thing.

Palladian Blue...when it works...beautiuflly!
Palladian Blue…when it works…beautiuflly!

6th Street Design School

I finally figured out it has EVERYTHING to do with LIGHT. Palladian Blue is from the Historic Line of Paint colors at Benjamin Moore. The HC are not necessarily trendy but they ALWAYS WORK…because they are timeless. But IN MY HOUSE, the lighting is wrong and what happens with the Historic colors when the lighting is wrong is that they can look like your MeeMaws House. This of course, is just my humble opinion. 

The lighting is perfect in Hollywood at Home and I honestly cannot think of a better color than Palladian Blue to showcase the beauty which lives there. Jrobe1I absolutely adore the combination of the Palladian Blue, almost using it as a Neutral color …. with the fabric covered wall…unexpected…and of course that is what seals the deal for me…I love surprises!

so…..you might be seeing some Palladian Blue in my house soon…turns out, the Master Bathroom gets beautiful Light!!!! FINALLY we are BACK TOGETHER!!! and THIS TIME…IT WILL BE FOR KEEPS!!!!

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  1. I had Palladian Blue in the master bedroom of our previous house. It is such a pretty color. It does need a lot of light. That last picture of the orange blue and brown bedroom is YUMMY! I would have been drooling in that shop too.

  2. Hi Lesli –
    Great post! Love the Palladian Blue – as a matter of fact I am using it for a nursery I am currently working on. It’s just one of those few colors that can be used almost anywhere and look fabulous. Can’t wait to hook up with you again in less than two weeks! Be well.

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