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  • We have lived in our 130 year old house for almost 9 years…
  • and when I tell you those years have flown…they have FLOWN!
  • You think, when you move in…especially in our home, which has a punch list a mile long…
  • “No worries, in 5 years, we will be able to get all thses things taken care of…” Then 5 years dash by, and 6, 7, 8 and now 9.
  • Finally, FINALLY, we are finishing the kitchen and bathrooms and I cannot put inot words…how happy I am. And while we still have toilets and boxes of tile and grout and faucets and Big boxes containing consoles and sinks lining our halls next to the soccer bags and the cowboy boots…
  • I do see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is going to be wonderful.
  • So that being said…I thought it might be nice to give you a tour of our house…AS IS…sort of catch you up and then I will reveal the NEW rooms as we get them completed!!!
  • Our house, built in 1880, is a “4 over 4″…which is exactlt as it sounds, 4 rooms downstairs, a center staircase, and 4 rooms upstairs. The only altreation is that upon our moving in we converted the 18′ x 18′ ONLY bathroom into KIDs bath, Master Bath and Master closet.
  • Down the center of the house and separating the 4 rooms, up and down, is a 10′ x 6′ hallway…handy and really operates as a MUDROOM downstairs
The first thing you see....
The first thing you see…. The PEW was the very first piece of furniture we got for this house, and it has never moved from this spot…It has served as the MUDROOM bench and the TIME OUT Bench…and is the ANCHOR of the HOUSE!

and storage UP

Downstairs to the right is the Dining Room/Everything room…Kids do their homework, I do everything else….room

to the right...
to the right…

and to the left are two Large Living rooms, separated by 8 foot pocket doors…


The NEWLY Renovated Powder Room is under the stair case…The kids call it the “Harry Potter” Bathroom….


The Kitchen is in the back, right off the Dining room…we do not have an “OPEN Floor plan…kitchen

I promise to show you more kitchen soon, as the renovations begin…

Upstairs…the Hall is where everything gets dumped and stored and how you get everywhere…

upstairshallUpstairs Hall


The Dark Gray dresser on the right…is going to be our new Console in the Master Bathroom.

We have Three Bedrooms…the Master, Phoebe’s and the Boys, Tate and Cooper share a room…which usually works out okay…


The Master BedroomPhoebeTwins


Phoebe’s room Makeover, which I did for her 13th Birthday, WON the Washington Post Kids Room Contest last Fall!


I am still getting the hang of WordPress…my photos are a bit HUGE, but that my friends, is our BIG OLD COUNTRY HOUSE!!! If you click on most of the Photos it should take you to a post on that room!!! Have Fun!

Tomorrow we will visit the LOO and I will share with you the upcoming NEW Bathrooms…at least what I have to show!!!





  1. I think I have made this comment here before, but I just adore your home! All the color and fun pieces that you have collected. It’s gorgeous!


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