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hurry hurry rush rush pretty pretty

     I am racing out the door, going to my son’s 4rth grade Art class!! This is one of the highlights of my week, and something I have not done for 6 weeks! due to Cooper’s  Mono. Today finished his first week back, full time and he as done great! Kids are amazingly resilient. Would that we all could bounce back that easy! Thank you all for all of your thoughts and prayers.

     But my addiction to beautiful things prevails, and I told myself, “just one blog peek!”… and then I stumbled upon this room, on one of my fave blogs, House of Turquoise, and I am posting this in honor of Erin who is getting married today!!! Congrats Erin!!!

     I will put it quite simply…don’t read too much into this… but this room almost makes me cry, it is so beautiful. Seriously, my heart is aching. It is GORGEOUS! Designed for a family with 4 kids by Tracy Bross, super cool,  New York born and raised designer who is…in my mind, for what it is worth,  is a  genius! I mean, seriously, you don’t just wake up one day able to work this magic. So simple and complete.  I absolutely adore the stray dog designs white stools/tables, the antler chandelier. The blue chairs, the combo or white and turquoise and orange. Yummy!!!

Oh and PS, I am contemplating changing my blog name to something having to do with the name of our house, which is “Fairview”. If you saw the view you would “get” the name. Anyway, you know, a name is importante, and I want the name to fully communicate the scope of this blog. It has evolved to encompass, all facets of me and all of the things I do: decorate, Paint, Mother, make things and fix things, do Photography and humor. I worry and think (probably WAY too much) that “My Old Country House” could be, well not quite right. But PLEASE, you my 16 followers and the few other people who have found me and read beyond the first sentence, I would love feedback – Fairview or my old country house? and it could be Fairview-myoldcountyhouse!

Enjoy the day!

1 thought on “hurry hurry rush rush pretty pretty

  1. Lesli,

    I wrote a long post on here about why I think you should keep My Old Country House and…it got wasted in the craziness of cyberspace.

    Ultimately, I think what you have creates a strong mood and sense of space and place more than just the name Fairview does, however much that references your actual view/vista etc.

    I feel the house itself suggests nostalgia, spaces, history, relationships, people, the past, the future, land, attics, etc. So my one piddly vote is for keeping it as it is.

    I also noticed that the domain myoldcountryhouse.com is available to purchase on go daddy. You should get it (only $11.99). Erik and I can show you how to make that your addy instead of the blogspot one while still having all of the advantages of the platform you’re on.

    Good luck..I think you’re doing a unique thing!


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