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I Miss Domino

…if you love Fresh Authentic Unique and Approachable Design, you like me,
 LOVED Domino Magazine. 
sidebar: True confessions: I know that this makes absolutely NO sense at all, 
but sometimes I would buy two copies of the same issue of Domino, 
just to have MORE of their take on things.

…I was completely inspired by a house, located not far from me actually, 
that was featured in Domino in August of 2008.

 The home belongs to Katie Ukrops and her lovely family. Kaite has  a to die for, right up my alley store/Gallery in Richmond called “Quirk”
Quirk features the works of both new and established artists, 
and brings accessible style to the lucky public of Richmond.

Well imagine my sheer joy, in January of 2009, when I stumbled upon a blog site, YounghouseLove.com,  which actually “Crashed” Katie’s home (in only good ways) , 
offering up even more incredible photographs and insight into 
the world of Katie Ukrops.

Let me take you on a tour, as they did…
This is the foyer, painted Benjamin Moore Feather Down OC-6, how do I know? I dug deep and found the name and then of course, HAD to use it in the hallway of My Old Country House. I love those white lamps and wish they were mine!

…this room is painted (and of course MY living room) 
is “Spring in Aspen” aka, Creamy White OC -7, 
FYI sometimes Benjamin Moore gives their colors two different names, to appeal to different tastes…which would you choose? –
based on name 
Creamy white? or Spring in Aspen?

 simple beauty….

this room is painted Benjamin Moore #887 “Pink Cloud”
one of Pottery Barn’s Spring Summer colors
ooh la la

look familiar?

maybe just a teensie bit?

even the kitchen is my style…
she likes pink too! I just know that Katie and I would be fast friends!

…..here is what I love about this home: in addition to it’s obvious inherent beauty. 
These photos were taken almost 3 years ago, and yet, the look still works and, to me anyway, does not look dated. She used a mixture of classic and modern and she kept things simple while giving everything her own unique spin.  Lets face it, as much as I love to decorate, it does not mean that I want to RE-DO it annually (well except Phoebe’s room) I worked hard, and sought out the deals, and found the right pieces and took pieces I had a repurposed them to get a feeling that I got in my own home, like the way I felt when I looked at these pictures. 
I believe, that if you really listen to yourself, you do KNOW what you like. 
And trust me, If I can do what I did on OUR budget, 
You can too.