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I cleaned my Old Country House…and then I left.

   We are on Spring Break. We are on Spring Break and we are on the Outer banks of North Carolina, and I am in heaven. Can you feel how relaxed I am.
   I am sitting here, it is Monday morning, but I am not yelling at the kids to hurry up, or throwing together lunches, or trying to remember what it was I was supposed to do today…no, instead, I am drinking my coffee, by the pool, listening to the ocean and the birds are chirping, Charley is laying in a spot of sun, chewing a bone a listening to the birds. Did I mention I am in heaven.

 The day before we left, I was a wild Mom-Bomb banshee cleaning-packing-throwing away person. Tearing abound the house, and after 2 months of sick kids camped out in the living room, I kicked everyone out and cleaned both rooms, and took some photos.
     as an aside…With my interior decorating and interestingly also with my paintings, I have found that one of the best ways to see how things are coming along and to spot mistakes, or rather, areas for improvement, is to photograph them. I see SO MUCH more in the photos than I do in real life. It makes sense. When you view the room as a whole, your eye can’t always focus on one area, but rather sees the entire space. Anyway, I will talk about this more later, because I have more to say, but for now, I am just going to show you my photos and then go down to the beach.

This is a lot of photos…I know…but did I mention..I cleaned!!!!!

it did not look quite THIS bad…but remember that this was the BEFORE! (7 years ago)

…and the after

                                                Now, on to the room which adjoins the Living room,
 the OLD dining room, which we still call the dining room, but which serves as a
 NON-TV reading, homework, adult visiting…
 but extension of the living room for parties…room. 

like the tape on the broken window? we have more like that if you like!

remember how I told you I got the new window treatments…
here they are …
Martha Stewart from Home Depot!!!

…some of my go-to decorating books…and a cow painting I did…

Our beach Place! Isn’t is adorable!
I love the red, and the nautical stuff.
(seriously, for you renters out there,
when you have only photos online
 to go by when choosing a place,
 fun decor like this really makes a difference!)

Okay… I am off to the beach. i will pst VA-CA photos later!!
until then-
Oh! and I am reading the best book!…
“Breaking Out of Bedlam”
by Leslie Larson.

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  1. Lesli, your home is lovely! And you have an incredible style and artistic nature in decorating! Love the “wild mom banshee cleaning thing” as I can relate to that also. Praying for the rest of your spring break – for more rest/relaxation, wonderful new memories, recharging! Love, Susie

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