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the tiny moments

     It has taken me almost my entire life to grasp fully, what to me now is an undeniable fact of life. Most of life, is relatively boring. By boring, I mean, well boring. Non-eventful. Mundane. Just everyday stuff. Now before you write me off as a total killjoy. Let me add that I am quite content with this fact of life. For in the boring-ness of life, is the absolute perfect beauty of life. The simplest of moments. The quiet, delicate, feather weight blips of joy and sweet and sour and breathing in and out and just being alive.

   I used to wait for something to happen, wish for something to happen and live in complete an uttter fear of being boring or ordinary. Now I know that it is in the most ordinary moments that the truth of it all lives. And you feel like part of something bigger and more important than you even could be alone and yet without you would be nothing. With this realization is incredible peace. And compete absence of loneliness as I know that I am just part of one giant heart beating. Its all good.
Even if my husband drives me crazy and some days I want to just drive away to nice little cottage, it is all good.

nuff said.

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