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I awoke this morning to the quiet sound of rain.
 It has been the best of ALL possible weekends…
an actual weekend!
Rain cancelled soccer yesterday…
One game… which was two hours each way…the others local…all cancelled!
I painted yesterday for 14 straight hours, 
The kids lay around, read, puttered,played games… 
we talked about the Hunger Games (amazing)
which we saw Friday Night.
Damon took the kids to run the errands 
that make me so insane…new sneakers, Best Buy, lacrosse heads fixed,
returns…he took all those little errands off my hands
 and I painted all day.
…so long so that at 10 pm my daughter said
” MOM! Why are your ankles so swollen?”
Nice. Attractive. The joys of “maturity”.
I finished 3 paintings including another barn.
So this morning, more soothing rain, 
…more drip, drip drip…
but then
a crash!
and into the buckets which have caught the gallons of rain pouring into our 
attic and through the ceiling…
… and into those buckets which week after week 
and month after month
…and all over the hall
 DOWN came a HUGE chunk of CEILING!!
BIG hunks of heavy water soaked horse hair plaster ceiling…
which finally gave way under the weight of the gallons of water 
which has poured through as we have waited for a break…
a week where we can squeeze in a new roof…

…and while we were waiting…
the ceiling  fell down.
this is the view coming up the stairs,
just outside the boys room…

It could always have been worse.
 The kids could have been hurt.
We could have been hit by ceiling when it fell.

It does answer the question…
“When a ceiling falls and everyone is sleeping, does it make a sound?”
The answer is 
addendum…few hours later…
The Sky is Falling…the sky is falling!
The Hole is getting bigger!


3 thoughts on “Its RAINING….Its FALLING

  1. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about your ceiling and water issues. I’m with you praise God that no one got hurt. Have you ever wished for a skylight?

    Like you new barn painting!
    dee dee

  2. holy mother, that is one big leak…..it’s nice to know that not EVERYTHING is perfect over there!!!!!!!! besides, I’m sure you’ll use it to your benefit and create some incredible something or nother out of the hole…or the plaster….or the horsehair….or make a room in the attic….or some incredible invention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    meanwhile, i have a similar leak here in my office, but i fixed it by tarping the chimney….now i’m afraid the house will burn down……….

  3. We had a ceiling fall in – it was under the addition we had put on and we had put in new ‘green’ insulation (ground up newspaper) that when the ceiling came down made the room under it look like what I imagined pompeii to look like. 10″ of fluffy ash. Way worse clean up than just plaster.

    I hope you get your new roof and soon.

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