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Monday’s painting…BIG BLUE BARN

This week I will feature daily, 
NEW paintings which will be 
in my show which opens Saturday
April 1.

30″ x 30″
acrylic on canvas
will have a different name…
but will be in the show. The walls to the Gallery space are a beautiful deep red. I can’t wait to see the colors all together!!!

2 thoughts on “Monday’s painting…BIG BLUE BARN

  1. Hi, Lesli~ Sorry about your ceiling! Probably all you needed about now. I’m wondering if you could fill me in regarding the time and location of your show? I thought it was somewhere on your blog (somehow I knew it’s in Crozet) but I can’t find it now. I’ve assumed it’s open to the public all this time, but it just dawned on me that I might be wrong! Also, your blog post says it’s Saturday, April 1, but April 1 is a Sunday. Which is it? 🙂

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