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KItchen Cabinet Re-Do- Part 2


….we visited the original horrific kitchen that came with this house and reviewed the process of choosing and measuring for Cabinet Doors and Drawer fronts.

     Once I had my doors and drawer fronts ordered and paint color was chosen (Blog) they were in production, it was time to choose knobs and pulls and latches.

Step 1 – Choosing Finish – As I went into this decision process, I was dead set on oil rubbed bronze

Restoration Hardware – Gilmore Pull

but when I got it all laid out, I realized that I wanted a more polished look. I love Oil Rubbed bronze, and especially when you are trying to add some character and dimension to a newer home, it is an excellent choice which gives immediate dimension to your kitchen decor. But in my case, in MY OLD COUNTRY I have dimension galore and character out the WAZOO, so I surprised myself with choosing polished nickel. remember – don’t get all tangled up in the Dream

Step 2 – Choosing Style – Again, simple is best when you are going for a classic, timeless look, especially in an old home. I am attracted to some of the streamlined modern sleek handles, but they would look odd with my current decor. It is not that they would NEVER work in an old house, but the entire aesthetic would have to make them make sense, and my current on (French flea market and industrial chic) would not. I wanted knobs to look like they could have been here for years. I settled (After having about 10 different style sent to me)  on these from Restoration Hardware:




I LOVE this hardware, it is even shinier and prettier in person and helps me achieve the clean fresh look my kitchen screams for.
Just for fun, I ordered on huge 8″ pull for this one large drawer indoor the oven, in oil rubbed bronze. You know, to shake things up a bit, and to do what the designer Jeffery Alan Marks of Jam designs and Million Dollar Decorators  suggests “always have one thing which is a surprise in every room” .
In addition, and this is such a teeny silly thing, but I wanted the screws to be flat head not philips head, because Phillips Head is a rather modern screw, invented in the 1930’s. I was so excited when I found a box of chrome flat head wood screws at my little hardware store. The perfect finishing touch that absolutely NO one will ever notice but me.
I will not try to reinvent the wheel here, so to speak, but HERE is how I chose my paint color, and in the end, I changed my mind! again- remember – don’t get too attached to the DREAM. Once I got my initial choice of white up, it was WAY too drab and I wanted more brightness, so I went with a lovely white, suggested by Maria at Colour Me Happy Blog, a Benjamin Moore Color – Mountain Peak White OC 121.

sneak peek….. TOMORROW we reveal the cabinets, the ones that are done anyway!
see you then and PLEASE fill out my color survey!!!!

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