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The Kitchen makeover Update

For those of you who missed the cabinet re-do. I spent about 6 months  measuring
ordering, waiting and installing myself the new cabinet doors,
(you can read here, here, here, here, here, and here!)
 ….keeping the boxes and the 
layout the same. It was a very tedious and often times
overwhelming task, but the results and the savings and the end result….
made it all worth it!!!
yep, still got the avocado oven…but soon!
I replaced the buzzing overhead light with a chrome pendant ($49.00) from Lowes.
I also had the cabinet maker make me a pice to cover the scrolly cut out above the sink…

My beautiful new faucet – who knew a faucet could make me so happy….
It was a bargain $104 at Home Depot!

My Beautiful Old Oven.
believe it or not, it was hardly used by the former residents,
who were 80 and 100 when the moved from the house.
Nostalgia aside, I will replace is as soon as funds allow!

My new light fixtures from of all places  – LOWES! $99/each!
completely transformed the room.
You can see the beadboard wallpaper on the side of the
long pantry cabinet.
I think that this coming weekend I am going to try my hand at tiling and
replace the oven backsplash with subway tile. I
don’t even care if we have to rip it out when we get new counters –
I cannot look at that current tile (except my sweet girls)
for another minute!

….so there you have our partially finished kitchen update…

P.S.HEY!! Did you know you can rent a camera or a lens or both?
Well, you can and I did!!!
 I am in the market for a New camera 
and a photographer friend suggested that my camera body is fine 
(I have a Canon xsi) 
and that I might want to consider …
instead of spending a ton of money on a whole new camera, 
to spend perhaps even the same money on a rockin new lens.
Then she told me about LensRentals.com. 
(I am in no way affiliated with them just a very happy customer).
It took about 5 minutes and I rented a lens, it was delivered to my doorstep and 
I am using it for a few days to be sure it is the right one for me.
The customer service is amazing, they even extended the rental free for a few days
because the UPS driver missed me and I lost a day. 
Even if you have a fancy wedding or a new baby
 and you want some great shots, but are just not
ready to plunk the money down…this is such a great option!!!
and with my lens
I am using the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L
I took the opportunity to FINALLY get some decent shots of my kitchen

which is about 1/3 of the way renovated
.I gotta go run now. I am photographing a 2 week old baby today!

Do you like your kitchen?
Have you ever done a KItchen makeover?
What do you think are the ingredients of the “Perfect Kitchen”?

Shall we visit the Living Room(s) now

2 thoughts on “The Kitchen makeover Update

  1. Good to know you can rent cameras and lens. I keep babbling about how I want to upgrade to a ‘fancy’ camera and I will definitely keep that in mind as I start to look at my options. Thanks!

  2. Hi Lesli – your kitchen makeover result is great! Those wall ovens do remind me of the house I grew up in .. only that stove/oven combo was pink 🙂 They worked fine of course, but even 30 years ago I wondered why my folks didn’t renovate it. lol. I will have to read through all of your kitchen posts. My little farmhouse is from the 1860’s and the kitchen is in such rough shape I don’t even know where to begin. Your old kitchen would be a dream in this house. I don’t have any usable cabinetry, the floor was damaged due to water leaks and is now just subfloor, and there is no ceiling .. just open joists and the attic floor (lots of crevices for critters). It is interesting how we can get used to not liking something and just live with it. I have ideas, yet no budget .. hrmph.

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