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LAGOON Blue is everywhere…

Look at this gorgeous kitchen I stumbled upon, looking at kitchen counter top options. GORGEOUS! There is that color I told you about. 
Todays post is short and sweet – 
 Here we are…the VERY last day of summer vacation.
 The end and the beginning of SO much. 
I have have a child in Elementary, 
Middle and now, 
High School. 
How did we get here so fast and where is the pause button? 

…too much to process and not enough time to do so. 

I will wax philosophical tomorrow.

I want to send a shout out to my 
beautiful nieces, 
Nina and Haley
who both now
attend my HIGH SCHOOL!
How crazy is that!
Rock on HB Plant High!
Have fun girls and please be careful in the halls 
and especially on the road.
Enjoy these amazing years.
Love You.