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First of all let me just start by saying ….it is One AM. 

We just got home from a concert, 
American Idol Live! one hour away, 
I chugged an energy drink on the way home and my head and my ears are still buzzing. The concert was fantastic, I cried when Lauren sang “Like my Mother Does” and danced in my chair while the fuddy duddys around me just sat and tapped their toes. What is up with that! 
Honestly, I think it was the first concert I have even been to when I sat down!
Next time I gotta get down there on the floor with the other party people!

I did not have a favorite going in,
 in fact we had to rack our brains on the way there,
to remember the names of all of the TOP 11.
However,  after the fact,
my personal favorite hands down was Lauren,
she really held her own and reached the
very back seats with her personality and the power of her voice.
She was amazing!!!
It is hard to believe that she is just a  kid!
In fact, I found myself thinking…
 “some of these kids were just going to High School a year ago…and here they are on tour…
singing to a coliseum  full of people!” Wow.

…so as I wind down I am watching a recorded episode of 
“Home By Novogratz”.

 i ADORE this show. It stars self taught New York Designers,
Cortney and Bob Novogratz.
I loved their book, “Downtown Chic”

and then I loved them on Bravo, on
“Nine by Design”

and I anxiously anticipated 
their return to TV on HGTV on their New Show
“Home by Novogratz”
      Bob and Cortney Novogratz are “me and my fantasy house renovation doing and decorating husband” from another lifetime. My dream lifetime. I cannot imagine anything more fun and rewarding than being paid to do what they Both love to do, together. They are my inspiration. I LOVE that they are self taught and I LOVE that they put their own twist on every project, perfection is not a word in their vocabulary. The decorate REAL homes, with funky modern touches in accessible ways. 
They show 
everyone that 
can do this…
I love that!!!
here are a couple of sites where you can find some of the design features they
Vintage pieces:
Large PhotoMurals -and Digital Wallpaper

Funny side story, during our recent NYC trip, we were driving into the city and all of a sudden I see the familiar exterior facade of their house 
RIGHT ON the West Side highway. 
It is unmistakable with the faux blue wood by 
London Based Artist
I do not want to get sidetracked as I do so well, but you MUST visit  Richard Woods Website! He is spectacular! Awe inspiring and I LOVE his work…
the website itself is like a trip to a Gallery!!!

so driving by the Novgratz home..I looked up and saw them all sitting around their dining room table in their awesome white patent leather chair that I adore!!! 

Imagine this, you are sitting at your dining room table as cars whizz by at 60 mph. Their incredible Home is literally is 8 feet from the West Side Highway, but behind their closed doors it is just a cool city home.

Tallulah and Bellamy’s Room – the girls names alone are awesome!

Twins set # 2 room –  Five and Hollys Room
Baby Major’s Room

Master Bedoom –
the structure on the left is a desk!
 I love these people!!!

I love the mixture of antiques and ART
and high end and bargain items, so rich and so

amazing exterior!!!
The Novgratz’s Design Company is called
Sixx Design 
(named before baby #7 Major came along…)
some of Bob and Cortney’s Decorating tips

1. mix modern with vintage recycled items..
2. bargain for everything, there is always a BETTER Price
3.create a home away from home that you WANT to be in…
4. USE hip lighting
5. do not be afraid of bright colors…but remember balance
6. mix high end and low end – they might buy a high end dining table on sale at Jonathan Adler and then surround it with recovered flea market chairs.
7.Traditional, classic touches that have staying power are good foundation pieces.
8. when your home / work place/school whatever looks good, it inspires you to be there and do better.
9.get high end on sale
10. turn a design flaws into the focal points of a room
11.Enlarge photographs to Art Gallerys…
12. ART ART ART whatever your budget can afford, it does not need to be expensive…but invest in ART!!!

okay…off to bed and dreams of living on the West Side Highway with my 7 kids….

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