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I love meeting new people! Yesterday I met the nicest, most talented women at the event in Charlotte and today I get to go back again!!!…I promise to give you a run down, but of course I am a bit behind this am so I will leave you with one of my latest (favorite) paintings for the show in Tampa…in this painting it is not quite finished…and you can see the state of my dining room/studio!…mybuddy1 my buddy2I am IN LOVE with this new background color I am using…wouldn’t It would be a great wall color, for an accent wall?

Show all day today and then I am driving back home this evening …but I will have the full report and

October Giveaway #4 tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “PAINTING PAINTING and driving

  1. I’m with you … meeting new people is the BEST!! Glad to hear that your show is doing well. I hope today is good, too, and that you arrive home safely tonight.

  2. I wish you could have come to DC!! That painting is gorgeous and I am LOVING all these giveaways! I am always biting my nails haha

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