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I had such a wonderful and productive time in Charlotte…I met so many gifted women and made new friends…and I know I said that I would give you the whole run down but I am doing that …..chasing my tail…. 2 steps forward…..3 steps back…. just got back in town  and now husband out of town….DANCE that I just feel I will not be able to give each artist their fair share of my time…so I will skip that part for today and get right to the …


follow the arrow!
follow the arrow!

If you have followed my blog for any amount of time, you will recognize this view in the photo above as the “Adult Living room” aka MY Living room…but there are some elements that I have not spoken to for quite some time…follow the arrow above…and it points to…

lesli devito sihouettes 1


I painted these silhouettes of my children 6 years ago…when they were 7, 9 and 11. And I still paint them as commissions and gifts. There are features that you notice in a silhouette that you can miss in “real life” or in a regular photograph. For example…in my children’s silhouettes, I SEE myself more…MY profile ….my husbands chin…my nose…features that make my heart ache…ME in THEM …the truth and the beauty of their perfect PERFECT silhouettes….


My children’s silhouettes are some of my most treasured objects…..


…and besides the living beings and my photographs would be the next thing I would grab in case of a fire…

They are precious to me.


..I adore them and I LOVED painting them…

….and here is where you come in!

Leave me a comment and tell me what a Silhouette means to you?  Did your parents have them of you growing up? Have you gotten them of your children? Given them as gifts? 



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  1. I would love to have a silhouette done of my daughter Ashley. It would mean the world to me to capture her still chubby little 3 1/2 year old face and hair in a unique way that a regular photograph can not. My parents did not get these done and I have done one for my son (but not from a photograph), at Disney 4 years ago. I would probably want to get one done of him from an actual photo at some point too. It would be a treasure.
    I follow you in all of the ways you mention above.

  2. I’d love a silhouette of our dog if that’s possible. I’ve seen them done before and just love them. Our dog, Wrigley, has been our only child as we’ve tried to conceive and create a family of 4 (Wrigley included) and I’d love to have a silhouette of our little “piggy” as we call him, for bringing us so much joy during this time of “trying” and praying.

  3. I actually have a silhouette collection. Some of the oldest ones are of multiple people doing a variety of things (fishing on a bridge, following the hounds, dancing) but my favorite by far are the vintage silhouettes of children. I look at them and think about who they are and where they are now. It’s like a wonderful mystery! I have them grouped with the silhouettes of my own children and my grandparents. They’re like my extended family!

  4. I love the silhouettes. I don’t have any but would love to add them to a gallery wall of my kids. They really do show tiny details we often miss. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  5. When I was younger I remember my mom taking all 7 (!) of us to the mall at Christmas to have our silhouettes done – I must have been around 10 or 11. These are the traditional black velvet cut by hand – fast forward 40 years and I made appointments to have my two children’s silhouettes done at our town holiday fair. IT WAS THE SAME ARTIST! So incredible that she is still doing this so many years later (and we live over an hour away from where my silhouette was done). This is a dying art and I so love the way you have painted your silhouettes – breathtaking! Follow you on FB and instagram all the time.

  6. My sister and I each had silhouettes done by our kindergarten teacher. Since we were moving before my brother started her class, my little 5 ft. tall granny marched up there to strike a deal. She was a frequent at the school because when I didn’t bring home a “good bear” she took me right back to school to apologize for whatever I did. She got one for my little brother, and now all three hang in my mothers hall. I always think of granny when I see them. So special, I would love a silhouette of my little girl to add to the wall.

  7. When my girls were younger I had their silhouettes done. I put them in a book on my shelf to keep them safe until I had them framed. I’m still looking for them. Crazy! I’d love to have a silhouette of my almost two year old granddaughter, Charlie. I’d love to capture her sweet baby face. Debbie

  8. Subscribed and following! I love silhouettes! When my kids were little, there was an artist who used to come to town once or twice a year to do hand-cut sillouettes. I had three of my kids done but never my fourth child. My kids are teens now but it would still be so cool to have it done again.

  9. I have a whole collection of antique and vintage silhouettes. My collection includes those of my mother, aunt, myself, my son, my in-laws, my husband and his sisters. It’s a wonderful memento of family, and I love seeing how hair and clothing styles have changed so much over time too.

  10. We went to the portrait studio every six months for a free 8×10! Never had sillhouettes growing up, but I might try that with my kids.

  11. Oh my gosh, I love silhouettes and would love love love to have one of my kiddos. I keep thinking that I need to make an appointment to take them, but something always seems to come up. Now, it’s going to be on my gift list for……….me! I have the perfect place to hang them.

  12. Years ago while I was teaching pre-k kindergarten every year I made silhouettes of my little students for their parents as gifts. I still get hugs and big thanks for making such a wonderful memory of that time in their lives. You are a great artist and I love your wonderful, cute little sweethearts that you paint.

  13. I would love a silhouette! Green! So they have green? I would love to make silhouettes if my kids. Looks amazing.

  14. I believe that I too had a silhouette done by my kindergarten teacher. Not sure where it currently is but I definitely remember it as being an important piece of art in our home growing up. Thanks for the offer. Would love to have a silhouette of each of our little ones.

    I am a follower on each mentioned except for twitter. Haven’t ventured there yet.

  15. I love the canvas silhouettes. I have lovely and not so lovely silhouettes of my two girls from trips to Disneyland. I treasure them now even more as they are growing up. What a fabulous giveaway. I don’t have pets or normally like mostpets, so I guess this is my only way to get an original Lesli Devito, haha.

  16. I have silhouettes of our daughters, done freehand years and years ago by a paper artist at a fair. Amazing how a silhouette like this can mean so much to us.

    I was down in your neck of the woods earlier this week, to see what your Habitat shop had to offer. Scored a few things … but the Jeep was too full to wander through Circa like I love to do. Oh, well. Next time.

  17. I have always wanted to have silhouettes done of my children. I think they capture a beautiful moment in time. I would love to have one done of my youngest, 14 year old daughter, to catch and hold on to this moment in time! I follow you on Facebook, Pinterest, and by email!

  18. Hi Leslie! I LOVE your silhouettes – what a clever way to capture your babies. I made black/white paper silhouettes of myself, my husband & our 2 dogs for our first child’s nursery. They still hang there today! My parents always had the old, vintage style of silhouette hanging up in their hallway of us kids. I loved to look back & see that sweet curl in my hair, or my brothers spikey ‘do. Hope I win a custom version of your silhouettes! Fun!

  19. I have never had silhouettes done of my children but they are beautiful and I would love to have them! I love simplicity in all things. . decorating, art, etc. so I can’t believe that I have not thought of doing this.

  20. My kids are growing so fast! I would love to have silhouette to remember them at this age!
    I follow your blog, liked you on Facebook and follow you on Pinterest.

  21. We are adding 3 new children to our home through adoption and will be a family of 9; and I would love to have a silhouette of each of the children as a gallery wall in the living area; I think it would be a great way to showcase all the children equally.

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