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 Yesterday I went to an Art Show. It was sort of a spontaneous thing.

In fact, I was driving Soccer carpool.  Driving down the street in a local neighborhood I saw, two little girls in their driveway, the smaller sitting a folding pink lawn chair and the older girl (maybe 6) jumping up and down and saying  to the passing cars “ART SHOW ART SHOW!”. I pulled over and asked her what she had to show. She replied;

“Just tell us what you want! We can make anything you want!”

I told her that I had to drive down the street to pick up a soccer boy and that when I came back she could surprise me. When I circled  back the Bigger girl was on the curb and lawn chair girl came running from the house waving what appeared to be my new work of art!!!. I gave each artist a quarter and reminded them NOT to ever get in a car with a stranger.

“WEEEE KNOW!! WEEEE KNOW!!” they said and I heard a Mom chuckle from the nearby garage.


I love my Rainbow!


One Room Challenge Update – Lets face it. It is going to take me 6 weeks just to clean the old sleeping porch out…let alone build myself an Art studio.  I must have been dreaming!!! Oh well. At least I can get the room cleaned out. I bagged up 6 bags for Goodwill the other day and as many bags of just plain trash. I also about choked on all the stinkbugs. But, bright side…I am starting to be able to see the floor..so, that’s good. That is all I have to say about that.


Now I am going to tell you about the


Raise your hand if you like Barns!

Okay – Good, you like Barns. Now raise your hand if you would like a painting of a Barn..done by say…me!

BARNLONGThis weeks GIVEAWAY is a 16″ x 20″ original acrylic painting. The canvas is 1.5″ deep and is painted on the sides thus  requires no frame.


GREAT!!! The here is all you need to do:

GIVEAWAY IS OPEN FROM 11:00 AM October 9 – Noon on Saturday October 12.


1.Leave me a comment and NAME this Painting…I am stumped. “Yellow Barn” is just too obvious. We can do better than this!

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  1. Nothing but Clear Skies. I love the yellow barn, but even more, I love how the entire sky is clear of clouds! 🙂 I originally wanted to name it “Nothing but Clear Skies and a Yellow Barn” but that seemed too lengthy. 🙂

  2. I’m following you on Instagram now for an extra entry. Feel free to follow me back @lilsuzy. My feed is full of house pics, food and my adorable kitty, Rooney!

  3. Hmm…how about: Rural Sun? Or Country Sunshine?
    Sorry, I stink at this, but I really like the painting and it would look lovely in my living room! Also, where did you get the butterfly pillow on your couch? Love the colors in it!!

  4. “Into the Sun” because of how it looks like the barn is practically heliotroping toward the sunlight like a sunflower, and because of how it is a sunny yellow color, and also because of the dramatic shadow the barn casts onto the ground because of the bright sunlight! This is my favorite of all of your barns!!!

  5. I WANT this painting!!! It has such a peaceful feeling. I love everything about your blog! OK, a name: how about Sunny Field? Ack, whatever you want to call it, I want it!! I already follow you on Pinterest, but will join you on Instagram. I don’t do twitter. And, for the record, I always buy lemonade from kids’ lemonade stands. Never seen an art show, though – but would love that!

  6. I would just call it A Barn Named Sunny. Loved your art show story. Here is one for you: Last year, my son was a high school senior. He was driving through a neighborhood to meet up with some friends. He saw three little girls behind a stand and decided he would buy some lemonade. When he walked up to the stand, he realized they weren’t selling lemonade – they were selling jeweled hair clips! He didn’t want to disappoint them since they were so excited that someone stopped so he bought 3! I asked him what he did with the clips and he said he offered them to his friends (haha – they were sort of confused at first). Two guys took them for their sisters 🙂

  7. My initial reaction was “Summer Shadow” I’m not sure why the first thing I noticed was the shadow, but I feel like it really grounds the whole scene. I love it!

  8. I have the perfect name! “Shrinking Violet!” I had a Shrinking Violet doll when I was a child, she was purple with yellow hair! That was the first thing I thought about when I saw the colors in this lovely painting! Cheers! Your work is so AWESOME! I love your style, your colors, everything! Rock on girl 🙂

  9. I would name it Shelter in Sunshine because barns provide shelter to animals, and it’s such a beautiful sunshine yellow color. Beautiful cheerful painting — I adore it.

  10. “Haven on the Horizon”
    “Sunday Sky”
    “Rural Remedy”

    I follow your blog, Pinterest and Instagram!

    I have the perfect place for this pervious barn in my foyer!!!! 😉

  11. Hi Lesli,
    I just came upon your blog and I also adore our old house, been lovingly renovating for years now! I love the wonderful personality injected into your home and the use of colour along with pretty touches.
    I love canvas art work for our home and this one is sooooo stunning. Our living and dining room are the colour of the sky in your painting and so I will call it “Summer sky”.
    It will look amazing in our hall entry (which is going to get a repaint) and tie in beautifully to the adjacent living and dining room!
    Fingers and toes are crossed.


  12. I’m not the most original when it comes to naming stuff, but I would call it “Sunny Farm”. It just looks like a sunny, happy place with beautiful clear blue skies surrounding it!!

  13. I love barns and would love to add this to my collection. The first thing that came to mind was Serenity but that is already taken. I am not good at picking out names either but I do know what I like and I LOVE this little yellow barn.

  14. Official submission: “Blue Sky, Purple Roof”.
    Unofficial shmoozey comment: “Love this painting, it would look awesome in any room of my house (which looks nothing like yours, but that tells you what great style you have in your paintings). Please pick me!

  15. Spun Gold.

    Love your work, love this painting. I think since I love my pug trio you did, I would love this painting in my living room. I follow you everywhere….creeepy? I hope not.




    I love how the painting is kind of a metaphor for life… there is always a bright side and a dark side. You can choose to live in the shadows of your hardships or in the brightness of your blessings! I “choose the sunny side”!

  17. You guys are amazing! I am LOVING these names and I may just turn the naming game over to you! Imagine what you can do with the cows! And I love hearing the different things you see in the painting…like things I did not even know I did…translate to you so beautifully personal and different…this makes me love what I do even more!!!

    Thanks so much and Good luck to everyone!!!

  18. love this painting, love all of yours. maybe it’s stupid, but what about “Mellow Yellow” – i find the picture just really chill, it’s so calm with this little wink of sunshine (hey how about that one? “wink of sunshine”) whatever you choose, beautiful art. just beautiful.

  19. I’m terrible about naming things. “Giallo” comes to mind. It means “yellow” in Italian.
    Or, “Shadowed Slope”.

    I love it – it’s beautiful. 🙂

  20. I love the solitary reflection of this sweet barn and the title/name “Overlook” struck me. Love your work and that piece from the sidewalk artists is so sweet!

  21. “Morningside Farm”
    Lesli I have really enjoyed your blog and love your paintings! I grew up in an old country house my Dad built. Our family doesn’t own it any more but your home brings back sweet memories…Thanks!

  22. What a sweet story! As for the studio, press on. I love taking stuff to Goodwill – just getting stuff out of the house seems like a huge victory.
    All best,

  23. I absolutely love your work and although someone already mentioned this. .”solitude” definitely came to me immediately. When there is an emotion that stirs deeply in your heart when you see something, it’s hard to just go down another path after that so I’m sticking to it! I love most the simplicity and colors of your paintings. Great work Lesli!

  24. Green Meets Blue or Blue Meets Green!

    My favorite colors in a beautiful painting that would look oh so perfect above my mantle. Also follow you on FB!

  25. I would call the painting shadow dance. What strikes me is the pale shadow under the facia of the roof line and the darker shadow on the grass. I love the painting. Great work. I really enjoy your blog.

  26. I would name it Dianne’s Barn 🙂 I love your barn paintings and was going to buy one as a birthday present to myself this year (my birthday is next week), but then I ended up spending $$$ adopting a dog and getting him fixed, so I will have to wait until next year, unless I win!!

  27. I follow you on Pinterest and Instagram! Also, when I look at this painting, it brings me peace. It seems familiar and homey. So inspired by the Little House books (also familiar and really gives a great meaning to home) I think a good name may be “Golden Years”. I think it fits since the barn is yellow!

  28. Love your style! I’m already a follower of your blog and will follow on Instagram as we’ll. As for the name, I’m stuck on yellow barn…perhaps purple roof on a yellow barn??? Forgive me if the roof isn’t purple it reads that way on my monitor 🙂

  29. “Country road take me home.” mostly because that’s exactly what I thought of when I saw it. I love this so much, it reminds me of the barns I see on the “back way” home to my parent’s house.

  30. Love, love, love the painting! What about Morning Butter.. or Butter Barn…anything with butter!! 🙂 Following you on your blog, twitter, instagram and pinterest!

  31. I think your paintings are awesome. I would call that one “This Afternoon” and I already have the space for it so send it on! Thanks for the chance to win

  32. I love this painting; the colors are my color scheme. I would name it “Milkin’s Done”. Once the cows are milked and set out to pasture, it’s easy to relish the beauty of the day. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  33. Hi,
    My kids have all voted this to be called “My Barn”! I think they all love it, wish I had this view out of my window or daily drive! Love your paintings and your decor style.

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