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Toby Fairley She tops the DREAM list!
I finally replaced the entryway lighting! Like I have said before…
just because you can’t do everything at once…
does not mean you can’t still make things 
look good…
sort of like “Interim Decorating”. 
You know, you have your “DREAM” things and then you have the things you can afford. And what you can afford now may not be what you can afford later and visa versa.
And if you save and save then maybe you can chip away at your Dream list.
Such is the case with the lighting in my house.

When we moved in…there was one light downstairs…
the stories about those replacements…
here and here
and upstairs all of the original fixtures remained.

I rewired the upstairs fixtures 
and we bought nice affordable (under $30) fixtures for the downstairs.
These fixtures served us well for 8 years.
In fact, I always loved this fixture (below), which I got on clearance at LOWES,
but I searched and searched and could
not find a match for the other end of the hall. 
I ended up just getting a $50 very basic fixture…
until I could afford a new pair…
 On the dream list I had a few different 
“Carriage Lights”…
Gaudi Hanging Light

Arch Top Light Circa Lighting $1260
Robert Abbey Pendant
Newburyport Lighting
on sale! for $1470!
I settled on a nice affordable ($229/each) 
“Delaney” Pendant Fixture 
from Ballard designs.

The transaction was not perfect, the fixtures arrived with some issues, however, their Customer Service was great…
and now I have some GREAT LOOKING matching fixtures!!!!

Let there be Light! Now my entryway is so nice and bright. 
Next up!
A NEW (well, newer that 13 years with 250,000 miles) CAR!

I will leave you with a painting for my upcoming show!

2 thoughts on “LET THERE BE LIGHT…PART 3

  1. I love your new fixtures. We have a Ballard Outlet here and found two small ones for above the island in the kitchen at the end of last year! We love them!

    I loved your post on decorating now,,, living now.
    Very inspirational… and goes with what I’ve always believed. it doesn’t take alot of money to create beauty.. most of the time it only takes some inspiration, elbow grease and eyes to enjoy what you have. Have a wonderful day!
    dee dee

  2. Really nice home decoration tips. Finding a place in important, making it a dream home with your own efforts and creativity is even more pleasant. You have come-up with something really appreciable. Just loved the way you have explained everything and looking forward to have some more such posts from your side…

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