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I decided after I pinned and repinned the above,  
which by the way happens to be my own philosophy of basically everything, including decorating, I decided I had to know who this Stacy Risenmay is. 
Who is this person who took the words right out of my mouth? 
How did she read my mind and what is she doing with her life?
So I found her, not difficult in this “google me” world. 
In addition to being a beautiful Person, and loving wife and mother to 4 adorable boys, 
she has a fantabulous blog entitled – 
Where she explores DIY projects, fitting it all in, making due and making the most out of her days. She brings a fresh upbeat outlook to her posts while still maintaining an accessible persona, in short…she is not trying to be perfect. 
I bet I would like her in person and 
I bet she would Love my favorite book…

So back to the quote…
I LOVE that quote.
I would be living with coke crates and futons if it were not for that quote.
If I were waiting for my ship to come in to decorate..
…I would be a very sad person. 
What is the point in that?
First of all, we don’t have forever here!
Life goes fast and who wants to wait to have a home which feels comfortable until the BIG day comes.
and lately, I am starting to wonder if the BIG day 
actually passed and we all missed it!

My house and my life are…and always will…be a work in progress.
I marvel at homes where you go back years later and things are in the same place! How…and more important…WHY do people do that?
Nothing stays the same in life, so why would it in your decor? 
My rooms change with the seasons…with our changing needs, 
my children’s growth and with my moods, with the color trends and 
90% of what is in my house…including the 
is old. 

I have never, not even for one minute wanted all new things. Sure I would love a new kitchen….AND I Would die to be able to shop til I drop in ABC CARPET and HOME. But I love my eclectic mix of old and new-ish things, found things, treasures. 

 Cheap things which are tiding me over and classics that I have had forever. The Cherry Bed that was my GREAT GREAT Grandmothers. The table our friends gave us as a housewarming gift. The kids one year old baby photos.
 A Rose bowl of my Dads…treasures. Everything has a story.

     One of my most cherished pieces is a Crystal Rose vase that was my Mom’s. I love the story of how she got it. I think I was about 12 and my Mom was visiting her Mother who sadly was dying of cancer. My Nana loved to shop and said “Lets go shopping!” and they went to Neiman Marcus… my grandmother in her wig as all her hair had fallen out from the last ditch chemo, led the way. 
     At that time, back home in Nebraska, my Mom had an incredible Rose Garden (post here), with 100 rose bushes, and she saw a beautiful Crystal Rose Vase and pointed it out to her Mom. They shopped all day and it was a wonderful memory for my Mom.
 One month later, the day after my Mom arrived home from attending her Mother’s funeral, a box arrived from Neiman Marcus…and it was the vase. 
my Mom’s crystal vase…the candlesticks are also treasures…
     My house is composed of some classics, LOTSA TARGET and yard sales, hand me downs, things I got when I had my first apartment…many pieces which have been picked up here and there for a song and then a whole lot of other stuff which suits us perfect right now, but maybe one day we will outgrow.
Like the Pew. But I hope not.
So, go for it!
Decorate like there is no tomorrow!
….have fun and make it your own!
…and don’t forget to wear some green or you might just 
get pinched!
What have you made your own lately?

2 thoughts on “MAKE IT YOUR OWN…NOW!

  1. Hi Meg

    I have lived this philosphy from my first apartment which was cobbled together with bits and pieces from my bedroom at home and whatever I could find. It is what makes a house a home, those little things that when you look at them everyday, they bring you joy. My life has changed in so many ways over the years – some have been good changes many have been, well we will just call them challenges, OK? But through it all, home is where you come at the end of the day – it is always welcoming, a refuge and source of happiness. Just found your blog and will become a follower. I have one too if you are interested: http://www.wendi-yates.blogspot.com

    Thank you for sharing – loved the story about the vase and the pride of place that you have given it in your home.

    Enjoy today


  2. Whoops! Lesli!!! Apologies to you. I scrolled down and thought that I saw Meg – that’s what I get for doing this without my glasses :), then I went on to look at your laundry room (that’s what I have been working on since I discovered a leaking, mouldy basement after Christmas and had to undergo an unexpected reno) – love the stipes by the way – and discovered my mistake!!

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