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Lloyd Flanders and “FIRE UP THE GRILL”

I love Spring. It is so gorgeous here now. I want to be Outside and I want to
“Fire Up the Grill”!!!


Recently, I was tickled pink when  Lloyd Flanders asked me to be a part of their  Spring Campaign:

      “Life Happens Outside”.


 I could not agree more!

IMG_0561In case you don’t know, Lloyd Flanders is the manufacturer of THE ORIGINAL ALL WEATHER WICKER furniture and some of the most beautiful fine woven outdoor furniture I have ever seen.

IMG_0495I am quite over the moon excited because Lloyd Flanders is sending me a chair…which I  consider to be the beginning of MY Life Outside!

 Most of the inside of my house is getting finished.. and now, I am already plotting MY Outdoor Space!!! Yep, .time to think about the outside…which has always been a bit more overwhelming to me. There is just so darn MUCh of it!


When I feel overwhelmed by my home, either the inside OR the outside part of my home…

I stop and focus on just ONE Part, ONE thing, ONE area…ONE idea. One CHAIR!!!

In this case…I am focusing on one of my favorite outdoor activities…Cookouts!

I LOVE cookouts…I always have!lflanders4 When I think of cooking out, I think of all the delicious smells as and that you can spill on the floor and being with the ones you love…I think of my favorite foods like corn on the cob and burgers and hot dogs, potato salad and deviled eggs…fruit salad and home-made ice cream. I am 100% confident that these foods make me the happiest..Oh, and watermelon!!!

IMG_0487For more Outdoor inspiration…

You can check out the Lloyd Flanders “Life Happens Outside” IdeaBook on Houzz HERE

Happy Grilling and Happy Spring!!!

 and visit the Lloyd Flanders HOUZZ page and the Lloyd Flanders Website to see more  fun and beautiful images that will make YOU want to

“Fire up The Grill!”


all of the opinions expressed here are mine all mine!

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