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I am back home from a whirlwind weekend. and for the first time in months, I returned to an ALMOST fully functioning home. The bathrooms are all up and running…the kitchen is done except for the floor and the hallway and my bedroom have beautiful new ceilings. I am going to hold off doing the full reveals until I get the furniture back in place (my dresser is still in my closet) and today…I am going to paint the bathroom…but right now I want to talk a bit more about what I spoke about yesterday…slowing down.


I think NOW more than ever…plans need to me made…to have NO plans. It is too easy to have our /my time booked to the minute. I am making a concerted effort to PLAN downtime…especially downtime OUTSIDE. I live in a place that many folks call “Heaven on Earth”. Just driving the kids to school everyday I see this…

IMG_1030 and this…cowand running errands…this…plank.and right now…the Spring GREEN is bursting in an almost fluorescent hue…so this week, I plan to dedicate some blog time to the outside…yep…

….time to spend some time OUTSIDE…

tomorrow…Fire Up the Grill!!!

5 thoughts on “PLAN TO BE OUTSIDE

  1. I live just over the mountain from you. You are right. We are in a beautiful part of Virginia!!!! Thanks for the great reminder to – CHILL!!!!

  2. I am jealous of your Springtime. We are still waiting for green to make its debut in my part of the country… your area looks beautiful!

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