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Resting up for the BIG GAME!
Resting up for the BIG GAME!

my Aunt Susie who lives in Seattle but was raised in Denver posted on Facebook

that all the grocery stores in her area are sold out of blue and green food coloring !

AWESOME. May the best team win!

..always nice to lunge with a friend .....
..always nice to lounge with a friend …..

Charlie and Dash make a living out of sleeping so it is not uncommon to find them on the furniture…but here is the big difference…Charlie is primarily an INDOOR dog and so HE is not shooed off furniture…however Dash spends his time acting as the Mayor of Greenwood, our tiny town, visiting the neighbors, ¬†and more than a few neighbors have sent me photos of Dash on THEIR furniture! He also LOVES to roll in “stuff” usually gets pretty dirty on his exploits so I will lay a blanket down when he wants to lounge. This time, he snuck in and made himself “invisible”. I did not have the heart to shoo him…and Charlie soon joined him on the other sofa….

7 thoughts on “LOUNGING ON SUNDAY

  1. My pup is currently laying on top of the guest pillows, sheets and blankets that I need to wash. He just looks so cozy that I can’t bear to move him!

  2. Lesli, I remember you saying something awhile back about possibly blogging a bit more about your studio/paints/work. Am I remembering that right? I would love to have a peek into your creative process; I am such a fan of your paintings. I was crushed I didn’t win one of your awesome giveaways!

    1. Hi Mary, Thanks for the reminder and the push…I have been having a hard time pulling myself up out of this slump…I know working and connecting will help but every time I go to write I just feel sad…and I don’t want to write about being sad…I want to write about things that make me happy….I will get there and I sincerely appreciate your encouragement…I really do. xoxoxo

      1. Lesli, I am so sorry you have been having such a sad time in your life. I lost someone recently as well, she was only 22. Don’t feel pressure, take your time. I’ll still be here reading when life starts getting easier for you.

  3. Oh my gosh! I am such a huge dog lover that you sharing your story of Dash was so touching! I would love to have a town dog! Everybody takes care of him??? What is his story? I am also a huge fan of your art work. Do you have prices? Thanks, Kelley

    1. Thanks Kelley. Dash is our dog officially but not only does he have a bowl at each house…we found out a few years ago…that everyone had a different name for him…”Buddy”, “Brownie”…and so on. He is a special dog…everyone’s and no ones at the same time! xo

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