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It has been Spring Like here, beautiful, 
like I remember Florida used to be in the Winter.
The kind of weather that MAKES tourists WANT to move to Florida…
but we are in Virginia, and therefore, I have been having a difficult time enjoying this unseasonably warm
weather. Where did Winter go?
What does this mean for Summer? 
Will it be Hot as Hell?

I guess someone heard me…because Winter or at least the Windy part…
…came back.
Last night it was SO windy and our windows and doors shook 
and the roof whistled. 
We could feel wind blow trough the cracks in the floor!!!
We lay cozily watching TV in our sturdy brick home…with all of worried dogs sleeping next to us…with their ears perked up and one eye open…

This morning when I woke up and came downstairs to let the dogs out…
I was greeted by a NEW view.
As opposed to what
 HAS greeted me…A Trampoline…smack dab in the center if our front yard since
There was an empty space…and apparently…
God moved it for us.

and he even cleared a 50 foot tall old dead pine tree for us…in the place right next to it …

The amazing thing about MOVING
of the trampoline is that if you look at this photo below…at about “4 o’clock” where that small clump of dark dirt is…
THAT is where my husbands car WAS parked! 

So the trampoline flew 70ft, UP at least 60 ft in the Air, and blew UP and OVER  my husbands car and might have gone to the next town, perhaps mistaken as a space ship, if not for the gargantuan Magnolia tree…which stopped it…
and that is where it landed….next to the tree that fell down and WHERE we have always planned to put it…

…and there was NOT a scratch on my husbands car…
which was 3 feet from where the trampoline came down!!!

It ALL could have been so much worse! not to mention that
when the tree blew down last night… my son and I went out to see and went over with a flashlight and we were standing right next to where the trampoline came down a few hours later!!! and is now!


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