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The proof is in the pudding…

People ask me all the time…
“where do you get all of your ideas?” 
the answer…is easy..

I troll around like the rest of the world, scoping out colors…
like the red balloon..I see an image…
and it takes me on a journey…and I NEVER EVER EVER
end up where I thought I would.
It is not a predictable process and the only thing I can count on…
 is that I can count on nothing.

Like today…I was tired after a long week of sick kids and life and
I just did not have it in me to 
“pump it up!’
But I knew if I took a stroll through Pinterest that
inspiration would soon follow….
Belle Maison

Bryn Alexandria
Crush Cul de sac (LOVE THIS NAME!

What is this making me think of….?

 …and then I remembered a photo 

I took this week that I wanted to share with you.
You know how with your kids, you are privy to these beautiful sweet quiet moments that almost no one else on earth will ever see? And try as you might you cannot capture them and to even try to feels inherently wrong??
Well, it is like that with my house too. For all the grief it gives me, every once in a while the stars will align and in this case…the sun, and I have this beautiful shower of indoor Sunshine that crosses from one side of my 130 year old house to the other…It is like an eclipse in that it is rare and lasts for about as long as it takes to run and get a camera and drink a cup of coffee…not long enough…like childhood…but that it what makes it so special…


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