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Things have been very wonky. I am not quite myself…so when Damon brought back his Grandmother’s sideboard from his Mom’s, the last piece to a bedroom set we inherited,  I jumped at the chance to dive into to serious rearranging of the front hall. Figured maybe in all that fussing around I might find ME.

This piece is HUGE…it weighs a ton and is about 10 feet wide. It is the PERFECT front hall CATCH ALL piece…although I had envisioned it upstairs in that hallway. It may make it up there one day…when my downstairs dream “MUDROOM” is complete, but for now, as soon as Damon set it down in the front hall…I knew it could be GREAT  there. It has 10 drawers!!! that is 2 per family member…or..one for them and 6 for me…endless possibilities and I ran and grabbed my Pink lamps and started styling!


I do love the wood against the white
I do love the wood against the white

…………….but then..I wondered…what would it look like on the other side?

………………..if I switched the PEW around….and so….

The Pew on the Other side
The Pew on the Other side
Birdseye View of the entryway
Birdseye View of the entryway


IMG_4884 IMG_4879

these antlers were brought to us by our doggies..thanks doggies
these antlers were brought to us by our doggies..thanks doggies


My Pink lamps
My Pink lamps

I like this beachy feelI like this beachy feel

The Long View down the front hall
The Long View down the front hall

I LOVE IT! It will likely not be like this forever…but for today…it suits our needs…and I feel a little bit more like myself…mission accomplished!


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  1. Lesli,
    I too am “wonky” these days … hoping your furniture arranging therapy continues to work for your spirit and helps you feel more like you! It certainly works for your foyer 🙂 Think the credenza opposite the stairs does a really great job of balancing the wood (furniture + stair treads) in the space. Amazing how identical the wood tones are, almost as though it was planned / intended to be.

    This coming weekend we plan to see your artwork on exhibit at the Va State Capital; looking forward to seeing more of your work in person (we are so fortunate to have our pet portrait of Beaver you painted, we said good-bye to him last week, just want you to know how much his portrait means to us). Robin

    1. Oh robin, I am so sorry to hear about mr beavers.
      That makes me so sad. I am honored to have done his portrait
      And I am glad it brings you comfort. All the best. Love
      And hugs, lesli

  2. Hey Lesli, I am feeling wonky too. After losing my baby sister to inoperable cancer in October I just can’t get back in the swing of things. Thanksgiving and Christmas were so busy I didn’t have time to think but things have settled down and I am lost . My sister was the one with the gift for design. She was the one who would pick up things off the side of the road and have them reupholstered and they looked like they cost a fortune. Before she moved back back down here she lived near Leesburg in a 9000 sq ft home and I wish you could have seen it , it was gorgeous. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you are not alone . We all grieve differently, for me , I can’t get motivated to finish my projects because I can’t call and ask her what she thinks. We just have to be patient with ourselves and hope it gets easier , right?

    1. Hi Beth,

      I am so glad you stopped by and left a comment. Strange as it sounds or maybe it is not so strange, but hearing your story I feel less alone. I do wish I could have seen your Sisters house…it sounds amazing and she sounds AMAZING and I am so very sorry she is gone.
      Yes, patience …especially for me anyway…with the world that keeps on going…but I am glad it is and I am glad to be able to meet people like you…my Mother in laws says that there are angels everywhere if we just let them in….maybe we can help each other…xoxolesli

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