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Gretchen and her dog “Isabella” AND Robin and her dog “Mr Beaver”

Thank you SO VERY Much to each and every one of you for entering. I absolutely LOVE your stories and the love you have for your pets is massive!  Please take advantage of the Special discount 15% off one Custom Pet Portrait and 20% off 2 or more Custom Pet Portraits . Last discount before Christmas so jump on this if you would like to Gift (gift to ones SELF encouraged!)

All orders must be placed and paid for by October 15!!!

questions and orders: email me lsdevito@gmail.com



Quite often, the little daily makeovers I do get lost in the shuffle. They feel so commonplace that I don’t even bother posting them. But this one, small though it may be, really made a BIG difference and thus…I want to share it with you.

I LOVE my DIY Kitchen Island. You can read more about that makeover here, and you may or may not know that the kitchen island used to be a my sons desk and before that it belonged to the UVA Department of Neurological Studies. The arrow below points to a little board that comes out, used for extra desk space and which I refinished as a cutting board for the island.


only PROBLEM – I could NOT get it out! I would have to dig my fingers, or a fork and get it started to pull it out. kind of A pain…but certainly low on “to do” the list.

ENTER of all things…the Pottery Barn Hotel Medicine Chest from our Master Bathroom Renovation.


 I happened to be looking for something in my vanity drawer and came upon the 3 extra knobs that came with the medicine chest. The Medicine chest came with 4 different knob choices: polished nickel;  satin nickel, bronze and chrome. I used the Chrome in the bathroom as our fixtures are chrome. Our kitchen fixtures are polished nickel so I decided to use the polished nickel knob to fix the cutting board problem….

..but how to attach it?

the knob came with a screw which is intended to go through the wood here:

knob6I purchased at the hardware store a two ended screw like this:

the one I actually used was a bit smaller...but you get the idea....by the way, my "hand" model is Cooper!
the one I actually used was a bit smaller…but you get the idea….by the way, my “hand” model is Cooper!

I screwed the flat end into the knob, drilled a starter hole in the cutting board, and screwed the sharp end right in! VOILA!

Cost of this solution was 7 cents for the screw!


I made the incredible (keepin it real, you all know when I say “incredible” I mean, “really cool in my little day to day life”) anyway, one day completely accidentally, when I was mopping the kitchen floor I discovered that the kitchen island fits EXACTLY in the space between the cooktop and the pantry…I mean EXACTLY with not even an inch to spare…I could not have planned it better had I tried!!!



Stay tuned for more fun makeovers, the One Room Challenge Update, this weeks GIVEAWAY and more!!!

5 thoughts on “MONDAY MAKEOVER – KNOB FIX – AND Custom Pet Portrait WINNERS

  1. Lesli,
    I about spit my coffee out when I saw Mr. Beaver’s name on the screen as a portrait winner. Seriously, my hands started shaking so much out of excitement that I had to walk away for a moment before I could even type! Obviously this is a wonderful to start to the week and such a great gift, thank you so much. I know your artist style will add a special touch to our home. Robin

  2. Little things like that make me really happy too. They aren’t sexy but they solve an annoying problem and feel like some huge solution.

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