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YOU may or may not know that I am a bit of a DESIGN BOOK junkie…

Books and "Lulu"
Books and “Lulu”

I love Design Books, they are my Porn, they make me so happy and when New ones come out

MY Yardsale
MY  Yardsale Books

I am usually one of the first in line to get them…I LOVE them.

the books in the fireplace in my bedroom…

…for the MANY I DO HAVE  there are as many that I WANT…My favorite ones are the Design Books that have good text in addition to amazing photos. IMG_0416

You know the ones, these are the design Books that tell a story, the author writes  and I learn something about the Designer or ARtist through their unique VOICE..

, Susanna Salk, Jonathan Adler
Books by  Suzanne & Lauren McGrath, Susanna Salk and Jonathan Adler

.come to think of it….Similar to the way I am engaged by a BLOG  and it’s author.


My book collection had begun to spillover onto all surfaces, and I only have two coffee tables!!! …Recently I stumbled upon this amazing bookshelf at the Greenwood Country Store…IMG_0422

The sales person at The Greenwood Country Store told me that this shelf was a Special line designed in the 1950’s-60’s by Drexel Heritage for Military families to use in their homes …


I just love it, it had already had a pretty makeover, so I all needed to do was bring it home (the sucker is HEA- EV -VEE!, solid as a rock, but I pulled it in and set it up.

Design Book Collage
Design Book Collage


 I have not yet “styled”it, almost on purpose, I pull the books our so often, I just put them in….and went to the beach!!!

Now that I am back home..I am thinking about possible ways to style it…thoughts….?


how do you weigh in on color coded bookcases….?


  1. I like it just as it is right now. What a marvellous find! I kind of love colour coded bookshelves just for pure aesthetics but I think it looks too obvious, styling wise. I don’t know, I kind of like the regular way better in real life. But do whatever rings your bell I say!

  2. I like the way you have it now.. :o) and I want a close up because I need to see all the titles you have! I love design books too! (and want to buy more) :o)

  3. I love the Greenwood Country Store…I always find something awesome there. I am not much for ROYGBIV organization. I am an alphabetical person at heart, but I can appreciate the rainbow look.

  4. I am a reformed army brat and can confirm the bookshelf story. I inherited my parent’s quartermaster’s bookshelf and while it’s a slightly different design, I can see the same lines. Mine needs a paint job – the veneer is in rough shape from our many many moves. It’s sort of hard to bring myself to do it though…

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