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The Living Room REINVENTED – My Happy Place

Life is about Change.

Every single day.
And as your family grows and expands and ages and changes….
you have to make adjustments. Additions.
Revisions. Change is Good.

When we moved into My Old Country House I had a
3 year old a 5 year old and a 7 year old….Babies. 


Our life was very different then.  Eight years ago. In addition to all of the
 obvious growth and development changes..there have been lifestyle changes. 

For example…We did not have TV for 4 years!!!
Believe it…or not!!! 
When we moved here, we could not get cable, we did not want a dish
and over time, we did not miss it …and for a while anyway, 
….we enjoyed a home free of the 
intrusion of Television. The kids were younger, 
most of what was on TV, or at least what I wanted to watch…. 
was inappropriate for them
and frankly it was easier to not even have to make choices.
Pick your battles. 

But…as things go….
and kids grow….
Eventually, we got TV back 
 and soon we got the wii and then Play Station and 
the kids discovered ESPN and the Simpsons, and MTV and American Idol
and Pretty Little Liars and I became a BRAVO addict
and, well, that is all she wrote.

This Christmas we decided that unless we wanted to fight over Family Guy and
it’s relative merit as entertainment vs Project Runway
and unless I wanted to negotiate for TV time vs Video game time, that the time had come to get the kids their own TV and that we would divide the TWO living rooms which
….until now have always functioned as one giant room. 
I have loved the open spacious feeling….
and honestly…the “pink” room stayed pretty pristine.
Probably because there was not a TV! ha!

Former NON TV LIVING ROOM room looking into FAMILY ROOM
This cabinet RE-DO and the post which accompanied it is my most READ post!
This credenza was the score of 2011!!!
click photo for story

But the times they are a changing and the kids, oh my, they are a growin!

 bye bye big room….

The pocket doors which prior to Christmas were rarely if ever closed, 
are NOW 
almost always closed..

….the kids have their own tweenage and teenage space
and they are in heaven…the solid pocket doors are so…well…solid, that you
cannot hear them in the next room!

I just replaced the rugs in both rooms with sea grass from Ballard designs.
The pink room is now mine…all mine…well
I do share it with my husband and 
everyone piles in here for movies and morning snuggles
but the rest of the day…it is mine!!!

I rearranged the furniture and 


I made an upscale Message board (tutorial HERE)

                                                       and life is just plain good!

Change, this change anyway… is good!!!
My Inspiration…Everyday.

Lets go upstairs on our house tour!

5 thoughts on “The Living Room REINVENTED – My Happy Place

  1. Your house is everything I have ever dreamed of! Farmhouse mixed with beautiful furniture (they don’t make it like that anymore) and color- I LOVE IT! It’s kinda ‘modern farmhouse’! Thanks for nominating me, brought tears to my eyes to know someone appreciates what I do! 🙂


  2. the “re-do” is wonderful. your family is so lucky that you can just close the doors and have a completely separate room for your teens. great home and great spaces. and I admire your tv-less home idea (while you had it). I am sure your family is better for it…donna

  3. I recently found your blog and cant get enough. As someone who also lives in a super old home(1860) I’m wondering if you have before and after shots/posts of your rooms. I love how bright your home is…something I crave while living in an old home full of original, wood millwork everywhere. It makes things so dark(but I’ve been lovingly told I will not be touching any of it with a paintbrush:)!

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