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ONE YEAR AGO…I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2012…lets see how I did:

this is what I wrote:

1.Paintings – Keep on painting!!! and Expand my market – get them all over the world!
and explore doing a small select group of affordable prints, 
maybe cards…maybe something fun like 
a lamp? A cow lamp?
I Painted paintings, MANY MANY. dozens and dozens of  PAINTINGS … 
Pet Portraits for ANIMAL LOVERS ALL OVER the world!!!

 BEGINNING WITH…The Boys room – I have the fabric already for drapes, pillows, having the chair upholstered.

and the above fabrics are for the kids bath…

I designed the fabric for and made New Curtains for my Living room.
I updated the Boys room and made them curtains as well. AND as if I needed more evidence that I work best under pressure…
ALL of the sewing I did in 2012..I did in a three day period..
in preparation for the Young House Love House Crash!
I used the Corn Suzani Fabirc above for the Twin bed make over in Phoebe’s room
3. RE DO the old Sleeping Porch for Tate to have his own room…I still hold out hope that we will be able to  Potentially have the old sleeping porch done to be Tate’s bedroom…

WHAT I DID: NOT MUCH. I did bring most of my painting supplies up there including dozens of canvases…and set up the double bed for guests… I added these (LIFTS) to raise the foot board of the bed, to accommodate for the  slanted floor. I did a MAJOR purge clean out and sent at least 15 trash bags of toys and clothes and stuff including old lamps to Goodwill along with some broken furniture and old fabric. 

4. Have Phoebe’s chair reupholstered. ( our re upholsterer guy is cheaper than doing it myself, I kid you not!)


I found a GREAT chair at CIRCA for $60 and had it reupholsteREd in this fabric. SHE loves it and it was the icing on the cake in her room makeover.


5. Light fixtures – two in hall downstairs…


I replaced the light fixtures with THESE fixtures from Ballards:

WAIT until you see what I am doing in the upstairs hall!!! so exciting!
I ALSO got a few new table lamps…

the Arteriors Lookalike by Threshold for Target ….
The two clear glass Collectors lamps:
Tate’s with his DUNNY’s and Cooper’s Hot Wheels Collection

The Robert Abbey Canary DEVON Lamp I got for 30% off!

6. Paint another Union Jack Dresser

I am contemplating doing an aqua/hot pink Union jack here?

WHAT I DID: I added the rugby stripe to Phoebe’s dresser.


7. Bed for Phoebe…old one paint it? 

WHAT I DID: First I found a great old bed for Phoebe and repainted it Benjamin Moore “Alabaster”…
Cooper now has that bed. and I am planning some stripes in 2013…

Then on one magic day in June…I stumbled upon a couple of amazing twin beds, with good bones…the pair for $25…and long story short…won A Washington Post Kids room Makeover Contest!!!POSTS HERE HERE HERE AND HERE!

8. Tile, tile tile, all the bathrooms
GIVE me a couple months and you will see some serious tiling…but for now, in 2012…I did learn that in a pinch and for a BIG photo shoot…you CAN tile over tile!!!

9. and on the subject of bathrooms, ours needs a new shower and wall tile.
WHAT I DID: LIKEI said…in just a few months there will be some serious makeover action taking place in the bathrooms and kitchen!!!

10. Conferences – I am booked for two – I am so excited to learn more and meet people I read daily!

I ATTENDED two blogging conferences…HAVEN in Atlanta in June and the Blogher conference in New York in early August…I made friends to last a lifetime and had the time of my life. WHAT I got out of them….was what I put inot them and both events were full of surprises for me…I highly recommend if you are a blogger…find your niche and go to a conference…the Face to face in invaluable…and incredibly validating!
11. Meet the Novogratz’s! I just think they are super cool and I want them to see my ART!

Well, I did not meet Courtney…but I am on a first name basis with a couple of my designer IDOLS…and plan to meet with them in 2013…more to come on that!!! Wait until I tell you where I am going in just a few short weeks!!!!

12. FINISH The Kitchen Makeover...once and for all. Of course, it may be more realistic to meet the Novogratz…but I am going to dream and Dream BIG!!!!
IT Is going to happen! Countertops are ordered…NEW OVEN…APPLIANCES ON THEIR WAY…just you wait!
When I read through this list I felt proud of myself. Proud that I did MOST of the things I hoped to do…not always in the way I thought I would..BUT in the realistic way…THAT WORKED!
I put myself out there…I set goals…and made more along the way…I have never had a more successful year professionally in my life…contrast that with the magnitude and the depth of loss in losing my Dad…
I made it through and I am excited to take on this new Year…
the 2013 List to come this week!!!
Have you made a list?
I don’t do resolutions…but I do like GOAL LISTS…


  1. Congrats on meeting so many goals! You have inspired me to make a list. I am a real list person so this is a better approach for me than resolutions. Also, if you ever want to share the name of your upholsterer, I would drive from Richmond to give him some business. (I am not talking about monopolizing his time, just a couple small projects). Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing you work on your list of goals.

  2. good point.. resolutions are not my style either, but I really should make some goals! I fly by the seat of my pants and that’s not the best way to get things done. Thanks for the inspiration! I hope to get to go to Haven this year :o)

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