old country house blog


I got a minivan…
I wore Birkenstocks…
I did the human “tunnel” with other grown ups after a soccer game…
and these are just a FEW of the many things I have done…
things that I swore I would NEVER do…
oh, and now you can add to this ever growing list:

I went to the “TODAY” show and got on TV…!!

Yep, On Monday, my daughter and I hoofed,well cabbed, it down to Rockefeller Center at 7:00AM, got a choice spot, right up front and stood around the big giant rectangle with all of the “I am an OKIE from Miscokie and “HAPPY 100 Gramma!” people and their signs, …there we stood , Sign-Less, but no less excited and  we watched and waited…to see the TODAY show folks and to get on TV… 
and we accomplished both of our goals!

The weather Lady, Al was away…

He really was so close ,
 I could have picked his nose…
or at least kissed his ear.
 He is not quite as tall
as I would have thought,
but yes, handsome, and great skin!

I never had the guts to scream out “Anne, Matt!!
over here! let me get a picture with you!!!”
I am so strange that way, Wanting to seem so cool…and missing the boat.
It really is so silly, when you think about it. 
Who cares!
Next time…I will bring a BIG SIGN! and a PUppet!
and be a big mess!!!
and a Picture with Anne AND Matt!!!

We did get on TV in a few shots, it is DVRd at home.