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Yesterday…I showed you how you can get the
LOOK for less…
and here is how I did JUST THAT!!!

…and don’t worry…you are NOT seeing double…what can I say…

My biggest weaknesses are LAMPS and DRESSERS
…what is/are your decorating “ADDICTIONS”…???

I am on my way to DALLAS today!!!…Girlfriends weekend……if you have any INSIDERS tips, please send them our way!!!


4 thoughts on “my ARTERIORS LOOK FOR LESS…

  1. Looks great Lesli! Yesterday, after I came home from errands including Target, I read your post and chuckled cause just that morning I purchased one of those lamps (hoping to track down #2 at another Target) and an accent (side) table from the same collection that to me is sooooo Dwell Studio’esque. This new Target collection is so rockin’. Enjoy your girlfriend weekend. Robin

  2. Oh yeah. Must love Target. They were doing those “boutique” things for a while too (not sure if they still are), which was pretty cool. These lamps look very stylish in there! Will have to remember to check it all out next time I am there.

    Dallas .. whereabouts are you staying? I lived there for a few years (in the Plano area by Southfork Ranch lol) and worked downtown. If you are staying downtown, you could have lunch at Neimans, walk around downtown (farmers market is there), ride the Dart to Mockingbird (shopping area), or check out McKinney Ave. Fort Worth is a bit of a drive (or take the TRE) yet a pretty cool area. It’s a mix of rustic old west with trendy shops and restaurants. Have fun! I hope it gives you a well-needed respite. xox

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