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You know I am stickler for styling…
not cluttered… but just the right things, 
USEFUL things, NEAT things
old things and new things…
…and my FAVORITE Styling
is when the items used have meaning to you…a story behind them…
like the books that your great Aunt Mil bound…
 OR feathers found in the yard which you keep in your Mom’s crystal bud vase,  
the coasters made by your friend…
or a dish one of the kids made in ART class…
….you get my drift….
Which brings me to
Damon and I  will celebrate our 18th wedding Anniversary
November 5 –
One of the favorite wedding gifts we received
was given to US by
My Maid of Honor
and Best friend since 8th grade – 
At first sight, it appeared to a beautiful box made of recycled wood….
ahhh..but it had a story!
Here is the TAG which accompanied the box
and tellS the  story of the box…

What are some of your FAVORITE things ???


8 thoughts on “SEARS in a BOX

  1. Love the box and the story behind it! I love personal items too!! 🙂 I have my grandmother’s old typewriter that I especially love, a harmonica of my grandfather’s and a whiskey decanter shaped like an old car from my father-in-law’s collection….just to name a few. 😉

  2. Sorry I missed this original post! I look at your site to keep in touch, allowing it to warm my heart with your thoughts and talents. I even copied your “Farble” countertops for the kitchen redo I am currently doing. Keep up the art, Les.
    Love, Karen

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