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My Dads name was
Trevor Gaylord Mallory Smith.
I loved his name and that  my middle name 
“Mallory” comes from him. 
My other middle name “Jean”
came from my Mom, Bonnie Jean.  
I am helping to write my father’s obituary.
I decided to make it a story…he would like that better anyway.
” Anyone that knew Trevor knew there was never a topic too boring to explore and he had many hobbies which included cooking, the daily jumble, hiking the Appalachian Trail, plaid shirts, wingtips, the state of Maine and Bird Watching and if it can be called a hobby, he sure did enjoy shopping at LLBean. “

Lets talk about LLBean.
You know how your kids look when you are entering the toy store? or the sporting goods store?
or when you yourself
 are just crossing the threshold of J Crew?
Multiply that by 10 and add a brisk clip of a walk and a HUGE smile on your face 
and that was my Dad
at llbean.

ll bean casco boat shoe

He loved everything about that store. EVERYTHING.
The gadgets, the plaid shirts, the boots, the tote bags
the fact that you could not only buy wool socks to wear when you hike the Appalachian trail,
 but you could also take Fly Fishing lessons!
My Dad love Maine, as a state, but also as the mother that gave him LLBean
He was grateful when he was there, like I was when I hit the ground running 
in New York City for the first time..
ll beam gum boot
….like SOMEPLACE finally “GOT” him perfectly.
LLBean knew that he could be a nationally renowned businessman…
who had a business breakfast at a restaurant in Washington DC and 
dinner at Smith and Wollensky’s steak house in New York City ….
ll bean signature vacation bag
…and still carry an indestructible LLBean  dufflebag.
His love for the store was infectious, the kids would call it Pop Pops store.
and in fact, I know I always will too.

I think what my Dad appreciated most about LLBean was…
the customer service. 
llbean treated my Dad  the way he treated others.
With respect.
Called him by his first name, 
and always said…
“Thank you Mr. Smith”

Thank you LLBean

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