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My "International" Country House!!! Lesli DeVito Paintings go to Buenos Aires!!!!


I am so excited to be featured today on 

my friend Marcela from Buenos Aires Blog!
Her painting finally arrived and it looks perfect in her home!
Deco and Design

I love how she showed my blog and my note to her!!!
Deco and Design

I sent her one of my PRIZED Missoni cards!
Deco and Design
Now I am going to get all sappy on you so buckle up!
My blog has connected me in ways I never imagined or anticipated
with YOU!
Talented, Creative, and Interesting, 
from ALL OVER the world.
It is incredible if you think about it!
How else would all of us have ever met, in the big huge world!
Ironically, My Blog has simultaneously made my world SMALLER 
and BIGGER !
I entertain the most wonderful house guests every day!
Connection is what it is all about!
It is the Internet and the World at its most productive.
and I LOVE it!

….and this is the photo that brought that tears to my eyes!!!
“Escuiyi”…  loves the gift too!
Deco and Design

from my home and my life and my kitties, who probably also curled up in this box…
to Marcelas home, so far away…yet right here, literally… at my fingertips…

So Thank you!
and Thank You marcela!

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  1. It so beutiful your painting!!! I knew you from Marcela’s blog. Your blog is so lovely!! Regards from Argentina. Sorry for my english it’s not good

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