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ROCKY the Rooster and Run Forrest run!

I have wanted to paint a close up of a Rooster for a while.
Many of my friends have chickens and I have taken countless photos of them.
So why not now!

I started this painting, one night,
painting for my current show, 
it was
much too late, and it was not working out very well…
so I  decided to bag it, I took the unfinished painting
 up to my storage closet and, because I could not even bear to look at it, 
I turned it facing the wall! 

The next day I pulled it out and realized that it was on the right track. 
I worked on it for the rest of the day. 
It then became one of my favorite paintings I have ever done.
funny how it goes.


“ROCKY”  the Rooster 30″ x 30″ acrylic on canvas
….and while we are on the subject of Chickens…
Here is another one of the paintings in my current show.

This one NEVER fails to bring a smile to my face.
I just love this chicken, he’s sassy and he has got spunk!
And as they say…He is getting…. 
“Getting the Hell out of Dodge!”

“Run Forrest Run” – 16″ x 20″ –  acrylic on canvas.

Both of these paintings are on view in my Current Show which will run through
the rest of this calendar year!
and both are available for sale.
Please email me
for pricing.

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