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My Old Country HOUSE of Turquoise

I don’t know about you but…
April is going WAY too fast…!!!
..There are so many projects that were set aside,
pieces of my life that have been neglected..
with paintings to paint
 as I prepared for my show…
so much I put on the back burner
and now I am overwhelmed…
where do I begin?

 If you will bear with me, I will be back to fresh 
new blog posts but for this week, I may need to 
recycle some great old posts…
I head to Tampa this Thursday to see my Dad.
Its not good.
But I am so glad I am going down.

One of my 
FIRST Favorite Blogs

and one of my best
Bloggie Buddies 
is Erin 
the creator of this beautiful blog.

She states in her “About me”page :
“I’m Erin and I am obsessed with the color turquoise”

Her blog is simple….if it’s Turquoise, she will find it….especially if it is 
in Home Design. 
Her taste is impeccable and her
eye is meticulous. Her knack for finding 
the elegant and the eclectic and Turquoise in all shapes and sizes and
styles of decor,

     Erin has featured me and “My Old Country House” blog 
 a few times and recently, 
she invited me to be a Guest Blogger, while she attended a
Design Blog Conference in L. A. I happily obliged!
After pondering what to post about 
I arrived at the conclusion…that in my house,
…you cannot stand or sit anywhere, without seeing 
 a touch at least of turquoise.
It is everywhere. 
So I took a tour of Turquoise through my downstairs.

 I do not have to go far, in my house, to find turquoise…
in fact..it starts at the front door…
Benjamin Moore
“River Blue”
our foyer/entryway doubles as a good old fashioned 
and the focal point is An Old Church Pew – painted Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint – “Provence”.

 This is the first piece of furniture we ever 
bought for this house for a whopping
$50 –

…the living room (s) 

The old Eastlake Dresser I painted “Calypso Blue”

The Lamps!

The Living Room is sprinkled with touches of turquoise…the Chevron sofa…
the pillows…

…my French glass doo-dad holder on the mantle….


I have a few Benjamin Moore go-to blues that I use in my paintings!

… I scored for pocket change
and painted my new Dining Room sideboard
Benjamin Moore’s
Shore House Green…

…lets go in the dining room….newly painted “Ashwood” by Ben Moore

“Rocky” the rooster over the aqua sideboard
The little blue cabinet in the background holds the kids games and school supplies and
 is in desperate need of a clean out!

...But perhaps my favorite Aqua transformation, 
…the room whose makeover made me the happiest…
is the striped Laundry Room…
The wall stripes in the Laundry Room are
Benjamin Moore’s – “Mountain Peak White”, “Ocean Air”
and the Doors are “Fairy Tale Blue”
…wanna hear something funny…those aren’t even my initials…
one time I had someone see this and say 
“Hey! Those are MY initials!”
I got the tote with it’s random monogram
(and about 5 others) for $7.00 at the LLBean Outlet!!! 

Thank you for taking a tour of Turquoise through my downstairs.
I LOVE hearing about YOUR homes…
Do you have a go-to color, a color that when you take stock is in almost every room in your house? and does this color change or has it been your favorite color all along? Let me know!!!
have a great week!

3 thoughts on “My Old Country HOUSE of Turquoise

  1. Hey, don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it, but a few months ago, you unknowingly inspired me to paint an old bench blue! so thank you!
    dee dee

  2. While I prided myself on the fact that we’d painted every room in our home a different color (9 years ago), now I’m trying to reverse that “problem” and figure out a good color to use as more of a neutral backdrop. That way I can use pops of color wherever I want to-something I LOVE about your home!
    Its a challenge in an 1860 house that’s full of original mill work(I guess I should also mention that I’ve been forbidden to paint any of it). Thankfully, the home’s previous owners who are also family members, already “did the deed” on the entire second floor.

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