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MY SILHOUETTES…and my total adoration of Carter Kustera!!!

One of the things I paint
and probably
 a personal favorite are
my CUSTOM silhouettes…
 MIne are
a cross between the Traditional ones
still pretty Hip I think,
from BYUYV.org
 and the ULTRA-HIP Colorful ones
by artist
among other places…
on Jonathan Adler’s website
 I would give anything to meet Carter Kustera, talk ART and faces and color with him, and just hang out with him in Brooklyn.
 I just know we would have so much in common.
Maybe I will email him!
This is from an installation in
Jonathan Adlers Store a few years ago!
I found this wonderful Mood Board,
and wonderful BLOG!
put together by Carla,
all surrounding a Carter Kustera Silhouette
 I love every single thing about this” room”
you should visit “Color me Carla”
she is awesome!
Tate Phoebe and Cooper
Phoebe….I can see her!!!
all 12″ x 12″
…all I need to do them is a
side view silhouette of the subject
and I take it from there.
…the colors are your choice.
 We can do them to match your decor and I even do bright colors like Carters!
..any age person and/or pet…
…for more information on my
Custom Silhouettes, Pet Portraits
 or Lesli DeVito Paintings
email me@


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