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NEW SOFA NEW SOFA!!!! 3 days until the Lesli DeVito Paintings Opening at King family Vineyards!

In my entire married life I have bought exactly
 3 new pieces of furniture…
and coincidentally
…all of them have been sofas.
I guess sofas (and mattresses) are things
that take a lot of wear and tear and that
by the time you get a used one, and have it cleaned
or reupholstered
…the price is pretty much the same…

Everything else we get used, happily, I love
old stuff, fixing it up…and I guess some of them are antiques,
or recycled, re purposed, repainted

So when I tell you we got a new piece of furniture
it will come as no surprise that….
We got a NEW Sofa!
Let me rephrase that…
We got a NEW SLEEPER sofa!
Let the Relatives Come!
…and friends….and anyone that wants to stay with us…

So finally, (seems I say that word “finally” a lot)
we have a place for guests,
 or at least the children misplaced by guests
(instead of in our bed) 

I looked and looked and just ended up going with
a slip covered sleeper in ” Natural” Brushed Canvas
 from Pottery Barn
(they were on sale and I dod the no interest for year deal!)
It arrived last week
and I LOVE IT!!!!

It is so deep and long and yummy, so incredibly comfy.
Does anyone remember that show “The Big Comfy Couch”

 The covers come off easy and can be popped right in the wash.
You may think I am crazy to get Natural/ Ivory, but here is my reasoning:
Ivory or white can be bleached and when washed, the color won’t fade, 

but  just gets shabbier and better.

I took the liberty of sleeping on it Saturday night 
to test the mattress and it was soooo
comfy, no bar in my back. 
Not too firm and not too soft….
just right.
I found myself thinking…
“Hey, this could be MY room!”

So come let me know when you are coming and I will get the sofa set up for you!

Do you have a guest room? Or where does your company stay?
Have a Great Week!!!

I am busy getting ready for my Opening This Thursday…
there is always that anxious feeling..
What if people don’t come…?
I hope they do…It is going to be so much fun.
My friend Audi is doing all of the food and 
I cannot wait to see what she “cooks” up!!!!
She is an angel sent from Heaven!
Everyone is invited and you can bring friends, kids are welcome too!

Please make sure to “follow” this blog and to let me know how I can follow you!

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2 thoughts on “NEW SOFA NEW SOFA!!!! 3 days until the Lesli DeVito Paintings Opening at King family Vineyards!

  1. Lesli,
    Love your new sofa! We had a Pottery Barn sofa very similar to it, but with out the sleeper. I love the slipcovers and the creamy yellow we had chosen always seemed to wash up very well! Over the past year we downsized from a 6 bedroom house to a three bedroom home and by default lost our guest rooms. Now when we have company, we let the company stay in my daughters room and send her to the couch or on a sleeping bag in the upstairs hallway/loft area. Even though we don’t have alot a company I do love to host guests and miss the extra bed!
    You have nothing to worry about with your show… your paintings are wonderful!
    Dee Dee

  2. Love the new sofa! I’m planning on re-covering all 3 of our sofas this summer. One, that will look just like yours in white (in the pink den!). It’s a Mitchell-Gold sofa I found on Craigslist a few years ago, so I’m with you – only a few things have I bought new and they are beds and sofas, too 🙂 Another I’m re-slipcovering was a Pottery Barn splurge 13 years ago and it’s still going strong. Haven’t made it to see your artwork yet, but I’m definitely coming on Thursday to your opening and am so excited! As for guests, we boot our 8 yr. old out of her queen bed room and she usually sleeps on an air mattress in our room. BUT, we just bought a sleeper love seat (off Craigslist just last night!) that’s in our bedroom for her now. Will be so much more convenient. Looking forward to meeting you Thursday!

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