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New York Getaway

Phoebe and I are in NYC celebrating her 16th birthday.

She and I have been taking Mother/Daughter trips here since she was 7…and I used to push her petite little self around in a stroller when her little legs would run out of gas.She is the best travel companion and I love introducing her to my past and my people.

the 10th Birthday NYC trip...where did that time go?
the 10th Birthday NYC trip…where did that time go?

WE spent the weekend reuniting with a neighbor friend who has also just turned 16 and her Mom. They moved to Boston when the girls were in the middle of the 5th grade. And it warms my heart when the girls pick up…right where they left off…everytime…as I do with my friend Emma…and it does a body good to have such effortless fun.


Phoebe and Vivian
Phoebe and Vivian

Yesterday a lovely friend of mine from College threw a Birthday party for another college friend ….

Happy Birthday to my dear dear friend Marc
Happy Birthday to my dear dear friend Marc

and a bit of a reunion ensued and I LOVED seeing everyone. Phoebe said to me on the Subway ride home…”At home, you are always my Mom….I love being here and being YOUR daughter”.

Today we have an “extra day”…which is a gift. Every time I visit NYC ….my time is taken, down to the minute…but this time, Phoebe is missing some school and we are going to just play…I will let you know what we do!….Tomorrow is going to be a blast! WE are attending the Katie Couric show…then going to a Book Sighing Party for The Decorate Fearlessly Book Phoebe’s room is in…and to a Broadway show!

Decorate Fearlessly

I know this is all just our stuff…but I never want to forget this weekend…It has been a trip of a lifetime…and I love my Phoebe so much.

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6 thoughts on “New York Getaway

  1. So glad you started this tradition early and have kept it up – that’s the key! And I’m totally envious that you’re going to the Katie Couric Show – very special.

  2. Oh my goodness , I watched Katie today and I think I saw you and Phoebe!!!!!
    I was yelling at the tv and my husband thought I had lost my mind. He asked who I was yelling about , and when I told him Lesli and Phoebe he said , who are they ? I told him you were my blogger friend who was going through the same bad times as I was and that you had been a comfort to me. He was amazed that I was talking about someone whom I had never met. Men just don’t get it do they? So glad you decided to take some time for yourself.I will be coming up there to VA soon .My daughter is due with her third baby anyday. Anyway , so glad you and your girl are having fun.
    I took my Leslie to NY when she was 16 too! I guess great minds think alike! Have a safe trip home and I’ll
    Talk to you soon.

  3. YES YES YES!!! It was us!!! We got there and got seated and then they told us it was a LIVE show! Thank goodness my husband was working from home so he could record it! I am so excited to hear you saw it and this email has confirmed why I love to blog..I LOVE connecting to people..like you…and I am grateful for this friendship.

    Goodluck with your daughter’s baby Number 3!!! xo

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