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I have a big birthday coming up.

And my High-School girl friends and I are having a “Girls-weekend” to celebrate the event. Revel in being alive. Having each-other – and in some cases – 60-year-old friendships.

But I have to say – as the months creep by and the day gets closer – for the FIRST time ever in my life –

I do not want to have this Birthday.



I remember the first blogging conference I went to – the 2012 BLOGHER conference in NYC, where despite playing host to over 4000 women, I was able to make some REAL connections and have friendships which continue to this day – like Lisa and Mary-Dell from Grown and Flown .  Katie Couric was the Key-note speaker. She was awesome and inspiring as usual and during the Question and Answer part a woman raised her hand and said “How do I keep from feeling invisible after a certain age?” and Katie answered quite emphatically – “Just don’t BE invisible!” Her answer was met with huge applause and “Yeah!!!! – be VISIBLE”  – and I was so pumped by her answer – believing that this is indeed all we have to do – “JUST BE VISIBLE” and all will be right with the world.

But how do I stay visible in a world where YOUTH is everything and “Ageism” is maybe the most predominant “ISM” of all the “Isms”. I bet 90% of the people who know me have no idea I am about to turn 60 – and a big part of that is that I have always lived by the notion that AGE means nothing unless you give it meaning. I  DON’T want my age to define me or limit anyones’ perception of me.

But 60. Kind of hard to ignore.

  I would love to be a KICK-ASS ROLE-model for women in their 60’s! Like Ellen and Michelle Pfeiffer.

 But how do I do that? I’m not sure. Give me a minute. Well, I guess I am starting by doing THIS. Putting it all out there. JUST BE ME! THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE 60!

 Not who you might think I am  – but the ME that I am –

Lesli Jean Mallory Smith DeVito

I am Lesli Jean Mallory Smith DeVito – 59 years old – And my life has come in 3’s. I changed schools every 3 years growing up – I have 3 brothers – two of whom are mentally challenged.  I have 3 Kids –  (I had my first baby at age 38 and my 3rd at 42) – 3 dogs and 3 cats.  I am an Actress turned Ob/GYN Nurse Practitioner turned Decorator-blogger/Artist   – I think Marriage is insane but I have been married for almost 24 years to my best friend.  I hate to cook but I love to bake. I think hiking is weird but every time I have hiked I swear I will do it every day for the rest of my life! I might even want to climb the Matterhorn like my Aunt Mil did when she was 65! (Aunt Mil lived to be 99!)  I struggled with an eating disorder for much of my young adult life – had a bunch of therapy and learned that the BEST way to get better is to be gentle with yourself. I like being busy. Busy makes me happy.  I am a strange combination of Introverted/Extrovert – I can be painfully shy but I plow through it with  “Can Do” sensibility and the voices of my now deceased parents telling me;

“You can BE anything you want – just DO something!”

So I DO.



  1. Lesli, How uplifting to hear your story! Thank you for sharing. You were my “first” blog and I am so glad. My kitchen is lovely & was affordable because of you. I must say I would have guessed you in your forties. Your attitude and genes are a wonderful friend.
    I am 75, just had a knee replacement which has slowed me more than I care to acknowledge. My new mantra is “. And whatever age you are, live for what you are able to do and not for what you can’t any longer” I will not be INVISIBLE either. Have a Blessed day and fabulous birthday. Hugs from Oregon

    1. Patti – how sweet you are and you inspire me!!! It makes me so happy to connect and I am so glad that in some way I could help you with your kitchen – this is the whole reason I started blogging ! People like you!!! Thank you❤️

  2. Great post, Lesli! I am also 59 and understand exaclty what you mean! I am lucky to have a spunky 89 year old mother who shows me daily that age, and even physical limitations do not define us. She zip-lined over the rain forest in Beliz and went white water rafting in her 70s and is still active every day. I love that you have had the courage to try new careers and find new passions to bring you joy! I’m inspired by you and by my mother! We got this!!

  3. Thank you for this post! My big 6-0 is in Sept. I am trying hard to think about not hiding under the covers during those 24 hours…it will be a challenge! oxoxox

  4. I love this! You are not invisible and are ageless! Had no idea of your age, yet 60 years is awesome! You will rock it, just like you rock 59!

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