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Okay…so yesterday I was on poking around on the
 House Beautiful website…
…and up POPS

THIS Advertisement…

Recognize anything…!!!

HEY…that’s my HOUSE! Beautiful!
My Old Country House Living Room!!!

This just made my Day!!!
I know it is such a small thing is the real big picture of the world..
…but this 
I hope you all have had a good week…I keep thinking I might catch up on my LIFE
but I am beginning to think that will NEVER, EVER, EVER happen and
I am starting to wonder if it is even a realistic goal.
I feel like I have so many balls
in the air…and not a one am I willing to drop…so…I just keep juggling!!!
Being busy helps me not miss my Dad so much…but sometimes I long for a day
alone…to miss him.
…am I crazy?

AND at the end of the day…it is all about these three…the LOVES of my life.
Okay so listen up..
…there are some BIG exciting changes happening over the weekend on my blog…
I am moving over to WordPress….
so while I may be MIA for the weekend
I will be back and Bigger than ever on Monday…
although I am feeling mighty 
big (headed that is)
with my House Beautiful AD!!!

Have a Great Weekend!!!
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2 thoughts on “OH EMM GEE …more from HOUSE BEAUiTFUL!!!

  1. I LOVE your Old Country House! Wanna come help with mine? lol. That is too cool. Looks mighty nice. Here’s to a smooth move. 🙂

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