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Like they say…
Life can change on a dime…
Live in the Moment..
and seize the day…

I found myself on an airplane Tuesday afternoon, headed to Tampa
to my father’s bedside
as he fights double pneumonia in the ICU. 
Life can change on a dime.
Seize the day.

The ICU is not a place I want to be, watching my Dad, who until 5 years ago, when this horrible debilitating illness took hold, still flew all over the country for business trips and steered a million committees and
did a million things…
Now my Dad has a tube in his neck and he can’t talk and all I can do is pray.
I don’t want to be here.
Mostly, I don’t want HIM to be here.
I want him to be the old Dad who walked faster than me.
And hiked the Appalachian trail.
And put my kids on his shoulders, (course Tate is now taller than his Pop-Pop.)
I want life to slow the heck down and my babies to stop getting so big 
and my Dad to be himself again.

If wishes were fishes…

So, to distract myself…
 I am sitting here thinking of all the things I want to do in my house…
and that gets me thinking about pretty things and I decide to go blog hopping and find the 10 beautiful photos of rooms…
so here goes…

Willow Decor
Lamps Plus – Yeah you heard right!
I got my daughter this poster for Valentines day.
The Rug Company
more incredible styling!
Design Crisis/Domino Magazine

House Beautiful

House of Many Hues

House Beautiful
Swedish Apartment Listing

Vtwonen via House of Turquoise
and of course……

My Old Country House!

ahhh. That was a pleasant distraction and I notice a few commonalities amongst the choices…almost all of the rooms have at least a  dash of pink and a dash of aqua…

Goodnight Blogger friends..lets have some fun tomorrow…make some more lists!!!

2 thoughts on “ON A DIME…

  1. I’m so sorry your father is ill. You are in my thoughts.
    Such beautiful images, yours especially, to offer a little distraction at a tough time.

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