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Built Ins…and Mud Rooms and my Obsession with them…

When you live in an Old Country House 
there are all kinds of quirky nooks and crannies
and butlers pantry’s 
(not in mine…but someone – somewhere
 has an old house with a butler’s pantry!)
…anyway, I have a bit of an obsession with built ins.
And awesome Mudrooms. With storage.
Old Houses do not have much storage.
They do have great attics, but attics can be musty and inaccessible.
I would Love a Built in…Mudroom, and maybe a bookcase..
I feel like they would make everything 
all so neat and tidy and pulled together looking. 

These are our Current Hallways – Upstairs and below – downstairs….
I love the both, but they have room for built ins…if I were to decide to go that route…
In both of our hallways, upstairs and downstairs, we have these long wide halls and I have always envisioned doing some kind of built in along this wall…
or this one below…
ooh ooh I could do the book case on the right and the built in on the left…
except I do so love my PEW bench…

Lets look at some beautiful built ins shall we?

okay this one is amazing and it is from “This Old House” site so it must be in an old house…
no —-Sherlock!
This is amazing! I could do this…maybe. Could I?
Pewter and Sage
Apartment Therapy


Habitually Chic

Here are three good old fashioned built in bookcases from
Dominos Gallery of Bookcases…

Desire To Inspire
Eric Staudenmaier
House of Turquoise
Inspired Home design

Decor Pad
Decor Pad
….and then there are Built in Mudrooms…

This one kills me, I could totally see it in my upstairs hall…but would I miss my hall? Course, I don’t really need an upstairs mudroom, the MUD is all downstairs.
from House of Turquoise. This homeowner had her builder do this at the end of a renovation. ..it is perfection!

I have contemplated doing this above my PEW, could I get the toddler too?

I absolutely adore the simplicity of this…It is very ME!
My Sweet Savannah
This one has a doggie bed for this guy…
My Sweet Charlie
What is it that is so cozy and inviting about a bookcase…?
Do you have a built in…bookcase or mudroom?
Did it come with your house. Or did you install it?

2 thoughts on “Built Ins…and Mud Rooms and my Obsession with them…

  1. I love built-ins and mudrooms too! Just built a new “ok’d” farmhouse and had the cabinet maker put lockers in our mudrooms, which are awesome! However, a wick mote for you: don’t sacrifice too much space in your entry hall for built-ins. Our entry hall is only 3 1/2 feet wide and feels so small! I would change that if I could!

    Love love love your farm animal paintings! And your sense of color is positively inspirational! I really enjoy your blog!

  2. Ooooo!!! iPad typos!!!! “ok’d” was supposed to be “old” and “wick mote” was supposed to be “quick note”

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